Monday, November 23, 2009

Found On My Husband’s iPhone, B-Sides.

There were just too many priceless moments on Chris’ iPhone for my first post about it, so here are the rest:

For instance, he has Ali, practicing school in a desk that Chris himself very well may have sat in during Elementary school:

Picture 578
Picture 144(Although, if he’s anything like he is now, he probably refused to sit in THAT desk due to the color combination.)

There were a TON of absolutely adorable pics on his iPhone, because Ali will ALWAYS smile better for him and his stinky-picture-takin’ phone than for me and my Canon Camera. Ugh.

Picture 066

Picture 011

I MEAN – posing on one knee with flowers behind your ear and in your hand?!?!? WHY oh WHY won’t you do that for me?

And more adorableness…

Picture 124


Picture 197

Picture 558

Picture 322

Picture 520

Picture 377
Picture 524

Picture 522

She would even smile at the MIRROR for him!

Picture 198

Not that I’m bitter or anything.

He also managed to get another priceless picture – one of her actually sleeping. Picture 342

Maybe I should give HIM the good camera and let him become the family photographer.

Then again, there are still the random photos, like our neighbor’s roof being redone?Picture 014

The hot water heater…
Picture 190
And a Taverna Plaka bellydancer…hmm. Somehow it feels different when I photograph them…

Picture 003
And then there are the confessional pictures. What he and Ali do while I’m not around:

Picture 328

Picture 195

There are middle-of-the-night pictures, when our neighbors were apparently having some sort of skirmish….
Picture 330

And truly vintage Ali-And-AJ pics:
Picture 103

I was surprised and flattered by the number of pictures of me – being that I’m the resident photographer, those are few and far between on my camera.

Picture 112
Picture 113 Picture 479

Picture 019
Granted, that didn’t keep me from being upside down.

Picture 456
He also caught Ali reading her favorite magazine:

Picture 361

His co-worker looking oddly…

Picture 500

Ali looking blessed by God:

Picture 045
..showing off her fingernails..

Picture 132
And her ever-fancier-than-Mommy-could-ever-pull-off braids by Gramamma:

Picture 567

And…that’s a wrap.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Orphaned Photos of The Week, Part Five

A few extra pictures from our Ali/Radford fun:

“I don’t trust you farther than I can throw my diaper, woman….”

“He’s making me CRAAAZY!!!”

Ali in mid-air, teaching Radford how to play “Pop Goes The Ali”:IMG_5140
Bonus pictures from her “Alabama Dress at Church when the leaves were falling and looked like a portrait studio’s fake backdrop” photo shoot:IMG_5185
Feeding the Ducks, again…

On that particular duck-feeding trip, we went onto the pier to feed them. There was this kid, about Ali’s age, being held by his Mom and right next to us. He asked “Can I have some bread to feed them too?” Of course, wanting to be the nice Mommy, I handed him some, and he threw it.

Then, he asked for more. As I was about to hand it to him, his mom said somewhat haughtily, “He’s VERY allergic to wheat.”

I stammered an apology and felt awful…

Then I thought about it.

Shouldn’t she have said something when she heard him ask for it the first time? And shouldn’t she have corrected him, so he’d learn not to do it next time, rather than the complete stranger?

And so, I exonerated myself from all guilt.

Here’s Ali and her first girl-cousin, baby Tessa! We went to a photo shoot for a new hairbow site (I’ll tell you more about it when it’s up), and Tessa was there too, so they “hung out”.IMG_5288
Because I’m a big believer in bribery (I used to feel guilty about it till my Mom told me it was a very acceptable and effective parenting tool), This was Ali’s reward for smiling pretty at the Photo shoot:

I think she found it worthwhile.

And finally, a couple ore pictures of Ali and her “Sweater that doesn’t have any armholes!!!”