Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Thirty-Eight

Me: "Do you want to stay home today?"

Ali: "Yes, because my tummy accidentally hit the button that made it hurt. There's a red button and a yellow button and a green button but the red button makes it hurt, and my tummy accidentally pushed the red button to make it hurt."

Me: "What does the green button do?"

Ali: "The green button doesn't do anything. It just changes colors. It changes red and green and pink. But the yellow one does do anything. The yellow one is to slow down while doing the red one, because my tummy doesn't want me to hurt it TOO MUCH."

Me: "Can you hit the yellow button, then?"

Ali: "No, you can't reach it because it's way deep down in my tummy."

Me: "So how do you reach it?"

Ali: "God has to reach down because his arms are the longest."

Me: "Ali, you were supposed to be napping. Have you been playing instead?"

Ali: "No."

Me: "Then what have you been doing?"

Ali: "I just had hard deciding which side of my head should go on my pillow."

We were in a public bathroom at the mall...Ali was on the toilet. She exhaled very satisfied and said, "OOOOH!!!! That was a GOOD tee-tee!!"

(There were giggles from the stall next to us)

After she got off of the toilet, she wanted to sit on the floor but knowing better, asked, "Is this bathroom dirty?"


"So it's okay for bathrooms to be dirty? Are they kinda like garages?"

(More giggles)

"I guess so."

"It would take FOREVER to clean this bathroom up!!!"

Friday, February 11, 2011

Orphaned Photos: Part Thirteen

I obviously haven’t done a comprehensive Orphaned Photos post in a while, since my Orphaned Photos Folder goes back to before Christmas.

I don’t know WHAT could have allowed me to get so far behind…hmm.

On our last small group night before Christmas, we had the kids, in annual tradition, put on an unrehearsed Christmas play.

The cast, however, gets bigger and more unwieldy every year:


And, although I loved Ali’s fireman hat, fairy wings, and mismatched socks with her angel costume,
My favorite part of the play was Luke, a Wise Man, sneakily pocketing one of Jesus’ gifts:


And that’s the TRUE Christmas story.

And for a bit more Christmas fun, Ali with her Gingerbread House creation:

And in the “snow” at the Galleria – she was quite a fan of snow in the mall – she even asked me last week when it was going to snow there again.



Ali and I combined her Dominoes and school one day – I wrote one of every number on post-its, and she had to add the two domino numbers together, and place it on the correct sticky note:


Although she found it fun, we only made it through about 10 domino addition problems before she was totally ready to move on.

Oh well.

This next pic is a total keeper…

Ali, woken up in the middle of the night, a bit drowsy but TOTALLY excited to go to Gramamma and Pop’s so that Mommy could go to the hospital and have Baby Noah:


Here was Noah’s last picture in the Hospital before we headed home… he’s already outgrown that outfit (sniff):


And his first car seat trip… in which he was MUCH happier than he is in the car seat now – totally unfair.  Babies are supposed to love car seats.


When we got him home, he was the last addition to our presents under the tree…


Some of my favorite shots from Week Two:













On the night of Ali’s Birthday, we also had Chris’ family Christmas..

Leo and Ali had much fun..

As did Leo and his new remote-controlled-rolling cooler.


Chris had to get the wire-cutters out to get into our presents – who makes wire Christmas ribbons??  Or better yet, who BUYS them???


Noah LOVED his new Monkey…


And Chris LOVED Kitty’s choice in bows.IMG_2802(As did Ali – the whole collection of them are still floating around our house, played with on a daily basis.)

Ali got a fairy wand, with which she turned us all into Frogs.

(I tried to get her to turn us into Newts instead, but she said she didn’t know the spell for that.)

And…Noah now – so much bigger:

And with a VERY proud big sister.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Thirty-Seven

I was desperately trying to hold Noah's pacifier in while driving the other day, but Ali, although she doesn't usually like him crying, wasn't so sure...

"Mommy, could you please put your hand back up there?"

"Don't you want me to calm down Noah?"

"Yes....but could you please put your hand back up there on the steering wheel?"

"In a minute, as soon as I get him calmed down..."

"Okay... just promise me you won't break the car!!"

"Are you worried about me driving with one hand?"


Ali has been experimenting with some new words and phrases that I'm pretty sure she's picking up from the latest Tinkerbell movie. Unfortuately, she doesn't know how to use them quite right...

"Mommy, you're impossible!!"

"I am?"


"What does that mean?"

"It means you need to poo poo in your diaper."


"Eating is so fascinating!!"


"Changing Noah's diaper is so invisible!!"


"Guys, there's something you need to know..."




"This is so mysteriously fun!!"


"Mommy, you are probably mysterious."

"What does that mean?"

"It means you're always pretty. And if I say it to Daddy, it means he's handsome!!"

Speaking of Tinkerbell, I was telling her the fourth Tinkerbell movie was going to come out sometime this year.

Excitedly, she asked, "When is the SEVERALTH Tinkerbell movie going to come out???"