Monday, April 12, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Twenty-Three.

Among the typical stalling methods of probing questions at bedtime, Ali asked, “Is Daddy going to wear HIS princess nightgown to bed??”
When we were at the beach with Kitty and Leo, Ali saw the cranes landing in the water. She squealed and said, "Look Mommy!! The birds are turning into ducks!!!"
We were headed home for what Ali knew would be bedtime, so she decided to try a new stalling tactic.

Ali: "We need to go to the store before we go home."

Me: "Why?"

Ali: "To buy some things."

Me: "What things?"

Ali: "You know, some...stuff."

Me: "What kind of stuff?"

Ali: "Some stuff to eat."

Me: "What stuff to eat?"

Ali: "Just stuff."
I gave her some sunglasses to put on, and she told me, "Those sunglasses don't really look right with my pigtails."
Chris almost missed his turn the other day, so he did one of those slam-on-the-brakes-and-take-a-sharp-turn things. I said, "Whoa!!!", but Ali reassured me and said, "It's okay - Daddy just slipped."

The next day when we got in the car, Ali said, "Be sure to go slow, okay Daddy? So you don't slip again."
After I got her dressed the other day, she told me, "I am the one with the brand new shoes on, and you are the one without."
We had a long discussion about Jail and what it was the other day, thanks to a bible story about Paul and Silas in jail. I explained that it was kind of like long time out for adults when they do very bad things. She said, "So you go to jail sometimes, right Mommy?"

Friday, April 9, 2010

Orphaned Photos of the Week, Part Ten

I’m pretty behind on posting my Orphaned Photos, so it’s more like “Orphaned Photos of the Month”, but I’m here, finally…

Ali asked for Ice Cream one day after Gymnastics, and being that it was the first sunny day of the year, I happily agreed with the idea:IMG_8061
Ali and AJ have been doing a lot of dancing lately.

Experimenting with Line Dancing,


Irish Jigs, IMG_8066

And Freestyle.



Ali and I pulled out one of her Christmas Presents that I put up for a rainy day. Project Runway Fashion Dolls.

They were an immediate new favorite toy obsession.

And Ali liked them too:



Her fashion designing skills are impeccable, right down to the big rhinestones on the kneecaps.

I wanted to get a picture of Ali in her St. Patrick’s day shirt. At first, she wasn’t quite as excited as I was:


But I must have bribed her with something (it was too long ago to remember), because she got increasingly happier:





I managed to also snag a couple of pictures of Ali’s scrunching routine while she wasn’t looking:



Oh – and her favorite hobby, texting Daddy, Pop, Leo, Gramamma, or a number of other people from my phone:IMG_8272She’s going to break that world record of texting speed, I just know it.

Here’s a few more pictures from Ali, AJ, and Ethan’s fun at Botanical Gardens:






At small group the other night, I felt that Caroline needed some flair with her outfit. So I worked tirelessly at shoving this toy onto her head:IMG_8544

Then Nikki and I proceeded to make her Dance the Russian Dance from the Nutcracker:

IMG_8541 We’re easily entertained.

One more family picture from Easter:

What’s left of Ali’s Easter Basket, after she frantically searched for eggs with Jelly Bellys in them:


Who knew that Jelly Bellys were so good that it would make her shun M & M’s. Wow.

And, finally, the aftermath of our Easter eggs. This egg is peeled:


…and I am a horrible Mom, I’m sure, for letting my child eat it:

Organic I am not.