Friday, January 28, 2011

Orphaned Photos: Date with Daddy.

As I mentioned the other day, I finally downloaded the pictures off of my “little” camera. And in so doing, found photo evidence of Chris dating another woman… mm hmm.

One of the last football games of the year was on a November Thursday night, and I was MUCH too large with child to want to bump everyone on the row in front of us with my baby-belly in the attempt to get to our seats. So it was the perfect opportunity for a Daddy/Daughter Date:


And, much like her Mommy, Ali was most interested in the halftime show.

…but what band member doesn’t want to be cheered on every now and then?
Their date was full of healthy food from the Stadium Club, including Fried somethings (any guesses as to what those are??) and Nacho Cheese dip on the front side..


And Ali’s first Push Pop experience before they left...

…which led to quite the cleanup in the bathroom, from what I hear.


But despite the mess, I’m quite positive that Ali was a MUCH more delightful date than I would have been.


Friday, January 21, 2011

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Thirty-Six

While we were out eating lunch the other day, there was an older gentleman sitting at the table next to us. He had hearing aids in, something that Ali has apparently never seen before. She pointed to him and loudly said, "Look at all the ear bogeys in his ear!!"

Luckily, it seemed that his hearing aids were turned down.
The following conversation happened between Ali and Chris...

Ali: "I'm adjeeted."

Chris: "You're what??"

Ali: "I'm adjeeted!!"

Chris: "What does that mean?"

Ali: "It means that I have to get married."

Chris: "Oh. I see. So are you adjeeted to Ethan?"

Ali: "Yes! I'm adjeeted to Ethan!!"
Ali has been forbidden to kick the back of our chairs while in the car (something that I totally remember my parents forbidding also). But, of course, the fact that it is forbidden makes it something that seems super fun to do. Which brought this conversation on...

Ali, in a sweet voice: "Hey Mommy?"

Me: "Yes baby?"

Ali: "My feet said that they really want to kick you."
Chris bought Ali a rainbow projector for Christmas. It's this really cool arch-looking thing that projects a rainbow onto her wall and ceiling. It stays on for ten minutes, and then goes off on it's own, so it's become a bedtime indicator: when the rainbow goes off, it's time to close your eyes and go to sleep.

Ali was giving her Uncle Leo a tour of her room, and she explained the following to him about her rainbow...

"When my rainbow goes off I have to go to sleep. And if I don't obey, the police will come and give me a bad ticket."

I SWEAR we haven't been threatening the kid with the police.
We were on our way home from Cubbies Wednesday night, and Ali had the hiccups, claimed a tummy ache, AND needed to tee tee AND poo poo.

I asked her to hold it until we got home, at which point she reassured me that her poo poo and tee tee wanted to stay in her bum, and not come out onto her panties and the car.

Then she put all the clues together and solved the mystery of her ailing health...

"My poo poo is in my tummy and that's what's making me hiccup, because my poo poo has a LOT of hiccups in it. But my tee tee is in my bum, and that's what's making my tummy hurt."

Life makes SO much more sense now...

"I'm going to tell you a story that I made up about Dora and a monster. On the first page, Dora tiptoes around. On the second page, she is standing still on her tip toes..."
Ali, with a very disapproving voice to Chris, while he was washing his hands: "You keep washing your hands." (shaking head) "you just don't know when to stop, do you?"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

While I Was Sleeping…

I had completely forgotten that I had given my Mom my point-and-shoot camera to take pictures in the waiting room while I was laboring with Noah. It was a fun surprise when I found the pictures last week! But my favorite pictures were from after he was born.

Since I had to be put to sleep for Noah’s birth, I was not the first, nor the second or third person that got to meet him. Of course, I was disappointed about missing the moment of his birth. But, after seeing these pictures of what transpired while I was sleeping, I am thrilled with his first introductions:





Friday, January 14, 2011

Favorite Scenes From Ali’s Birthday.

On an unrelated note from this post, to add to our "fun" week, Ali now has the stomach bug. I got less than 2 hours of sleep last night as she was up from 2 a.m. on throwing up. And four year olds don't know how to aim their throw up, so there were many middle-of-the-night jammie changes, sheet changes, and a much needed middle-of-the-night bath.

I MIGHT survive this week, but it will definitely go on my top 4 worst weeks ever list.

(I try to block that list completely from my mind as soon as those weeks are over.)

But, on the one calm and nearly-medically-unaffected day of the week (yesterday), I wrote this post, so I'll go ahead and publish it - hopefully it will cheer me (and you, after this downer of an intro) up.

Oh yeah - and we could totally use your prayers that Chris and I, and ESPECIALLY Noah, miraculously do not catch the stomach bug.

The night before the party, Ali very carefully and arduously picked out each and every goody for each and every goody bag, way overthinking exactly which color of every item each kid would want.

She is SOOO just like her Daddy.


We let Ali pick breakfast on the way to her party: Chick-Fil-A or Krispy Kreme? Of course, to ensure that she got her full dose of Birthday Sugar, she chose Krispy Kreme.

And was completely fascinated by the doughnut line, as this was (gasp) our first time EVER to go inside KK:


Another first: her first non-regular-glazed doughnut, picked by her:



Apparently, the child who sat in her chair prior to her left quite the mess – one that we didn’t see until it was smeared all over her boots and butt.



My friend April made the absolutely FABULOUS cake… I was totally amazed at the detail and the fun extras:


And then, the party began…


They made all the parents watch from the balcony this year, for some reason. I’m not sure if they were disappointed or elated.

Ali, of course, was a bit overly cautious to full-out do the rope swing…

But her friends were not.





Notice Nathaniel in this picture…aiming a block right for Ali with his awesome Trademark Cheshire Cat Grin…

Of course, the only photo of Ali and I was when she was having a slight breakdown (caused by the breakfast of sugar, most likely)…


The babies had an awesome time, also, as did the Mommies of the babies – when the babies were contained and not desperately trying to jump in the pit.IMG_2669
The trampoline, of course, was the biggest hit. And wow you can go scarily high on an Olympic trampoline…





And finally, it was time to eat.




…and present.
…and, of course, hand out those persnicketally-put-together goody bags. At least she looks pleased with herself for all that work!


Thank you to everyone who came to the party!! We all had an excellent time!