Monday, February 22, 2010

Orphaned Photos of the Week, Part Eight.

We randomly had the chance to take Ali to IHOP on a Saturday for mid-morning breakfast, so she got to experience decorating her first smiley faced pancake.

It was love:IMG_7200

She is also loving my new chair. It’s great for reading, sliding down, bouncing off of, and getting in trouble for jumping into it and banging the lamp against the wall.IMG_7266

Ali and AJ shared a picture from the coloring pages I made, and each colored themselves:IMG_7312

Since he got his Lego for Christmas, It’s become somewhat of a Saturday Morning Routine for Chris and Ali to play Legos.

Or, rather, Chris build things and Ali play in them with her Princesses.


She said that they ALL got married here:IMG_7708

…which is good, since I found them all in these positions in her doll house the next day:


We took Ali to Ruby Tuesday one night, and the waiter offered to bring her Strawberry Lemonade. He didn’t happen to mention that these were PREMIUM lemonades with real fruit in them (rude), but Ali sure enjoyed it:


Hopefully none of the other patrons thought she was having a mixed drink in her glass-from-the-bar Lemonade:IMG_7355

My car hit a perfect milestone the other day:


Here’s the dog in our neighborhood that has a full wardrobe of outdoor wear. If it’s under sixty degrees, you can bet that she’ll be sporting one of her many jackets.

IMG_7442 Poor dog.

Speaking of wardrobes, a princess in our house had a serious wardrobe malfunction the other day. The type that Princesses have nightmares about. (Censored, of course):WardrobeMalfunction copy


Friday, February 19, 2010


Two weeks ago, Ali learned how to turn her light on by using a book to push the switch up. I thought she was so grown up, and was quite impressed with her ingenuity.

Last week, she suddenly grew tall enough to turn it on by herself.

This week, she suddenly grew even taller to be able to reach the top of the switch and turn it off by herself.

How can anyone grow that fast???


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Eighteen

Chris: "You smell good, Ali!!"
Ali: "You smell, Daddy!"
Chris was about to brush her teeth, and she said, "I want Bubblegum from under the table toothpaste!!!". Obviously, my explanation attempts aren't working, and this may be backfiring on me even more if she thinks that bubblegum from under the table tastes as good as her toothpaste. Dear me.
She was yelling to echo in the grocery store, and I told her to quit yelling. She looked at me and said, "I'm not yelling!! I'm just screaming!!!"
Ali found a piece of ribbon, and she kept pulling it around mine or Chris' wrists. We finally asked her what she was doing.

"I'm measuring you."

"What are you measuring us for?"

"I'm measuring you to see if you're a girl or a boy."
I was getting Ali dressed one morning, and she said, "I wonder what panties AJ is wearing today. Do you know what panties she's wearing, Mommy?"

"Um, no."
I did something Ali didn't like. Twice. And so she told me sternly, "You did it again. Don't do it anothergain."
I was using my cell phone, and Ali asked if she could use it. I told her no, and she said understandingly, "Oh. Is that really a Mommy thing?"
At breakfast one day she informed me: "I'm a tummy doctor. I'm going to put a baby in your tummy...five babies. Then they'll fall out of your tummy and hit their heads and cry."
We were playing princesses, and she told me, "I'm not going to marry the Prince. I'm going to marry myself."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Rest of Our Snow Pictures

It was so fun that Ali enjoyed the snow this year…AND that it wasn’t too cold to play for long periods of time.



Ali kept throwing the same snowball over and over until it finally got in the street…



…and then she said it turned into mashed potatoes.IMG_7607



She wanted a picture of herself and this huge snowball…




For reference as to how deep it was:


I can never resist taking tree pictures:





The streets never got any snow on them, except for on the gumballs, which gave a cool effect:IMG_7642

We walked up to our neighbor’s house, and Ali carried this “snowball” all the way there:


Ali kicking down a snow drift:


I found that there were two ways to keep from getting hit by a snowball:

1. Hide behind Ali

2. Hide behind my Camera.


Our smiley snowman’s smile turned to a frown by Saturday morning, but Ali still liked him anyway.


And Chris built her a better one. With a belly button.


We finally couldn’t resist temptation any more: We HAD to try out the snowy trampoline.


Friday, February 5, 2010

A Bit more Spend The Night Party Reminiscing:

(In continuation to this post on my main blog)

Daddy reading a book to the girls then. . .

And now.


Sharing a bed then (but not really). . .

And a little later (but not really). . .

And finally old enough to at least share a bedroom, if not a bed: