Friday, January 14, 2011

Favorite Scenes From Ali’s Birthday.

On an unrelated note from this post, to add to our "fun" week, Ali now has the stomach bug. I got less than 2 hours of sleep last night as she was up from 2 a.m. on throwing up. And four year olds don't know how to aim their throw up, so there were many middle-of-the-night jammie changes, sheet changes, and a much needed middle-of-the-night bath.

I MIGHT survive this week, but it will definitely go on my top 4 worst weeks ever list.

(I try to block that list completely from my mind as soon as those weeks are over.)

But, on the one calm and nearly-medically-unaffected day of the week (yesterday), I wrote this post, so I'll go ahead and publish it - hopefully it will cheer me (and you, after this downer of an intro) up.

Oh yeah - and we could totally use your prayers that Chris and I, and ESPECIALLY Noah, miraculously do not catch the stomach bug.

The night before the party, Ali very carefully and arduously picked out each and every goody for each and every goody bag, way overthinking exactly which color of every item each kid would want.

She is SOOO just like her Daddy.


We let Ali pick breakfast on the way to her party: Chick-Fil-A or Krispy Kreme? Of course, to ensure that she got her full dose of Birthday Sugar, she chose Krispy Kreme.

And was completely fascinated by the doughnut line, as this was (gasp) our first time EVER to go inside KK:


Another first: her first non-regular-glazed doughnut, picked by her:



Apparently, the child who sat in her chair prior to her left quite the mess – one that we didn’t see until it was smeared all over her boots and butt.



My friend April made the absolutely FABULOUS cake… I was totally amazed at the detail and the fun extras:


And then, the party began…


They made all the parents watch from the balcony this year, for some reason. I’m not sure if they were disappointed or elated.

Ali, of course, was a bit overly cautious to full-out do the rope swing…

But her friends were not.





Notice Nathaniel in this picture…aiming a block right for Ali with his awesome Trademark Cheshire Cat Grin…

Of course, the only photo of Ali and I was when she was having a slight breakdown (caused by the breakfast of sugar, most likely)…


The babies had an awesome time, also, as did the Mommies of the babies – when the babies were contained and not desperately trying to jump in the pit.IMG_2669
The trampoline, of course, was the biggest hit. And wow you can go scarily high on an Olympic trampoline…





And finally, it was time to eat.




…and present.
…and, of course, hand out those persnicketally-put-together goody bags. At least she looks pleased with herself for all that work!


Thank you to everyone who came to the party!! We all had an excellent time!


Jill said...

Looks like a fun party!

This Is The Day said...

That block pit looks so fun!

And that cake is AMAZING! I love the little ladybugs. So cute!

So sorry to hear about the fun! Praying that the rest of you don't get it!

Marty said...

That cake is just incredible! I hope the family starts to feel better soon, it sounds like you've had a LONG couple of weeks!

Christen said...

I am shocked that Ali had never been inside Krispy Kreme before! Aubrey was probably just a couple of months old on her first trip to Krispy Kreme :)
Luke & Aubrey had a great time at Ali's party!

Tanya Ott said...

Just discovered your blog. Your daughter's adorable! And looks like the party was a blast.

My Olivia ( is on pre-team at JFJ and loves it!