Wednesday, January 19, 2011

While I Was Sleeping…

I had completely forgotten that I had given my Mom my point-and-shoot camera to take pictures in the waiting room while I was laboring with Noah. It was a fun surprise when I found the pictures last week! But my favorite pictures were from after he was born.

Since I had to be put to sleep for Noah’s birth, I was not the first, nor the second or third person that got to meet him. Of course, I was disappointed about missing the moment of his birth. But, after seeing these pictures of what transpired while I was sleeping, I am thrilled with his first introductions:






jennifer said...

Okay, so maybe I cried a little over this post. What a precious surprise and the pictures are PERFECT. The expressions on their faces... perfection!

Aw Rachel, really, this was a wonderful way to start my morning. God bless you and your sweet family!

Cindy said...

How precious :)

This Is The Day said...

What a sweet expression on Ali's face! I'm sorry you missed it, but glad your mom got good pictures for you!

Gina said...

how sweet. I love the photo's. :)

Christen said...

Great pictures, Ali looks like a very proud big sis in the last picture!

mlambchopper said...

These pictures made me cry. Ali's looks (always) are priceless. Her expression of joy/happiness/surprise//wonderment (?) captured at the perfect moment by your mother. :) {Mothers are great, right?}
Congratulations. Sorry I've been an inactive reader. :( I wasn't sure when you had delivered your precious new babo. Always enjoy Ali's stories. Great morning reading....if I need to get motivated, her stories make me smile or if I'm missing my own grandchildren, she provides a happy link to joy!:)
Love you, Miss Rach. Thank you for writing all your blogs. :)