Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Thirty-Eight

Me: "Do you want to stay home today?"

Ali: "Yes, because my tummy accidentally hit the button that made it hurt. There's a red button and a yellow button and a green button but the red button makes it hurt, and my tummy accidentally pushed the red button to make it hurt."

Me: "What does the green button do?"

Ali: "The green button doesn't do anything. It just changes colors. It changes red and green and pink. But the yellow one does do anything. The yellow one is to slow down while doing the red one, because my tummy doesn't want me to hurt it TOO MUCH."

Me: "Can you hit the yellow button, then?"

Ali: "No, you can't reach it because it's way deep down in my tummy."

Me: "So how do you reach it?"

Ali: "God has to reach down because his arms are the longest."

Me: "Ali, you were supposed to be napping. Have you been playing instead?"

Ali: "No."

Me: "Then what have you been doing?"

Ali: "I just had hard deciding which side of my head should go on my pillow."

We were in a public bathroom at the mall...Ali was on the toilet. She exhaled very satisfied and said, "OOOOH!!!! That was a GOOD tee-tee!!"

(There were giggles from the stall next to us)

After she got off of the toilet, she wanted to sit on the floor but knowing better, asked, "Is this bathroom dirty?"


"So it's okay for bathrooms to be dirty? Are they kinda like garages?"

(More giggles)

"I guess so."

"It would take FOREVER to clean this bathroom up!!!"


Mama Hen said...

Love the bathroom one!

sarahandhank said...

My girls always ask in public restrooms "Mama, why does it smell like poo poo in here?" I gently remind them that it is because it is a restroom and where people go to do things like that, and likely why we are there. Also, that we should keep comments like that quiet and so on.

All of that is well and good until they ask me when the person causing the smell is still in the restroom. Then it becomes a bit embarrassing for all involved (except the five and six year olds).

Sharon said...


Jill said...

They just keep getting better and better!