Saturday, May 8, 2010

Orphaned Photos of the Week, Part Eleven.

We’ve been eating lunch at our Grocery Store’s deli a lot lately…which happens to have an outdoor patio…overlooking the river. It’s by far the most gourmet grocery story dining experience I’ve ever had. Ali is definitely a fan.



Seen on the way to Nashville:IMG_8168There’s a lot of mixed metaphors there…

Seen in Barnes and Noble. Notice especially the “included” section – In Chris’ Twenty-Plus years of tailgating, I don’t think he’s found the need for ANY of those items.

Really? Are ATMs you? And how many ATMS do you have hiding in that Dump Truck??

A few more pictures from the Botanical Gardens:





And Ali’s FAVORITE Mountain, Yogurt Mountain.



We met the Sparks’ at YoMo that night Ali read Luke his Tractor book, except she was really reading (from memory) her nursery rhyme book. I’m sure he was only slightly confused.


A few Shameless-Pics-Of-Ali-In-A-Pretty-Dress:



A few more pictures from our Porch Time:






I started back up Jillian’s Shred exercise program a few weeks ago. On the day I decided to start it back up, I told Ali to pick up her blocks out of the floor because we were going to do The Shred.

Apparently, she’s missed our exercise routine. When I got back into the room, all of her blocks were picked up, and she had found and put out our exercise mat AND both of our hand weights:


At that moment, I realized that she inherited her Daddy’s extremely proactively thoughtful gene. And that makes me extremely happy.

Monday, May 3, 2010

It’s the Yittle Fings, Part Twenty-Four

We were at the grocery store, and the clerk offered Ali a balloon. I asked her which one she wanted, and she said, “Well, the pink one looks poppity, so I think I want the blue one.

(Later, she reminded us that the last balloon she had was pink, and it popped quite loudly.)

On our vacation, she was skipping down the pier telling Gramamma, “I’m Tinkerbell. I have on a fairy dress. I’m a princess. I have bogeys in my nose.”
“I just talked to Cinderella. I saw her on Facebook.”
While we were getting ready for bed, she said in a sing-songy voice, “Who wants to hurt my feeeeeeeelingss????”
She’s been making up a bunch of word associations with the country names that we’ve been learning.

Iran - “Sounds like I ran down the street.”

Japan - “Sounds like Peter Pan.”

Qatar - “Sounds like I’m playing the guitar.”

Sierra Leone - “Sounds like time out.”

“It does?”

“Yes. You know, it sounds like you’re alone."

Ali rubbed Chris’ stubbly cheek. “Daddy, are those splinters in your face?”
I went to get Ali out of bed in the morning before I took my bath, which doesn’t usually happen. She greeted me with, “Mommy, I smell something.”

“What do you smell?”

“It smells like your warm cheek.”