Friday, February 20, 2009

Silly Things that I Want to Remember

On our way to the beach a couple of weeks ago, after sitting in her seat for so long, Ali started to study things that she might not normally study.

At one point, she exclaimed excitedly, "Ali has a MOON on her finger, Mommy!!!"

I looked back and realized that she was noticing the crescent shape of the white part of her fingernail.

"No honey, that's your fingernail. But it looks like a moon!!"

"Ooooh. Finguhnail."

She has desperately wanted to get into the pages of her book lately.

Like, literally.

She will point to a picture and say, "Ali go in there, Mommy!!"

We were eating lunch the other day, and in her most polite voice, she said, "Mommy cut the cheese, please!".

AJ was sick a few weeks ago, and so Ali didn't get to see her for quite a while. I explained to her that she was sick, and that we needed to pray for her, which she did every night.

One time after I got off the phone with Ashley, Ali asked about AJ. I said, "AJ is still sick, honey." Ali said, "AJ no-no feel good. Pray for her?!?!?!" and grabbed my hand.

I love her instantaneous urges to pray. They are the best!

Ali certainly doesn't have a lack of self-confidence. We were headed to the car the other day, and she told me energetically, "How cute Ali is!! And funny!! How exciting and beautiful Ali is!!"

This is such a fun age.


AmyG said...

Aww... she's such a caring little girl. She's going to make some long, lasting friendships.

Gina said...

I love it. She's saying the cutest things. I really like the one about mommy cutting the cheese. Crystal would think that's hilarious. :)

kitty engle said...

I love how perceptive she is, know when to pray for AJ. She knows Mommy cuts the cheese. LYB, k