Friday, April 24, 2009

The Miscellaneous Moments of our Week

Ali is starting to branch out a bit in attempting to draw things. For instance, yesterday, she purposefully drew her first two happy faces.

Purposefully meaning: She told me she was going to draw a happy face, then proceeded to draw something very similar to a happy face:

err. .. the bottom two are hers. The other three are mine. As is "VIRA".

Before you think I'm really strange, Ali asked me to write that.

"Mommy draw a big huge "V". Now draw a big "I". Now draw a big "R". Now draw a big "A""

I really hope she's not thinking of using that as a baby name one day. I'm not a fan of having my first granddaughter's name sounding Viral.

In other news, we got to introduce a new friend - Luke - to the wonder that is the hot dog truck at the Galleria:
He, of course, LOVED it.

I bet I've blogged more about that Hot Dog truck than anyone else in the world. And I bet that's a pretty safe bet, too.

Last night at small group, Ali and AJ were playing a rousing game of "jump up (onto the windowsill), jump down:

There's nothing as complex as a game invented by a two year old.


Giann said...

Did she wright with her left or right hand? Jw.

Giann said...

I meant did she write.........

Anonymous said...

Very cute pics. I can't believe how long their hair is getting. LYB. kitty

Rachel said...

Giann - she seems to be leaning toward her left hand, which I am THRILLED about!!!

Giann said...

Me too!! Bc I am lefthanded!!!!