Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's The Yittle Fings, Part Thirty-Five.

A conversation in the car the other day...

Ali: "My tummy hurts."

Me: "Mine too!"

Ali: "Does yours hurt as much as mine hurts?"

Me: "I don't know. How much does yours hurt?"

Ali: "It's just bothering me a little."

Me: "Well, mine hurts a LOT."

Ali: "Well, don't cry about it!"

Me: "Okay, I won't."

Ali: "When your tummy is sweaty, that means it hurts. Is your tummy sweaty?"

Me: "No."

Ali: "Well, mine is REALLY sweaty."
As Ali was sitting on the toilet, she informed me, "Usually poop is brown, and brown is just NOT my favorite color."
She totally set me up the other day...

"If baby Noah stayed in your tummy forever, would your tummy be mad at him?"

"Oh YES."

"That's not nice. It's not nice to be mad at people - it's just not wise. It's really disobeying."

Ali is very excited about pink and blue bows on mailboxes, and always points them out and informs us as to what type of baby those people just had. Then, after one of these sightings, she informed us thoughtfully,

"I remember when I was born and there was a pink bow on the mailbox."

"Oh really? Do you remember being in my tummy, too?"


"Was it dark?"


"Was it comfy?"


"Was it gooey?"

"Eww, No!! Only PUMPKINS are gooey on the inside!!"


This Is The Day said...

Lol. I love the brown is not my favorite color. So funny!

I've never heard of putting a ribbon on your mailbox. That's a cute idea. Of course...we don't have a mailbox so that could be a reason. :)

Barkley said...

Love the gooey pumpkin!

Jane said...

Too cute!


jennifer said...

I'm not fond of brown either :)