Friday, April 1, 2011

Orphaned Photos – Pre-Spring Version.

Ali, playing on the very same Homewood Park Caterpillar that Chris and I played on as kids:


IMG_1796 …apparently, it’s one of the few playground items from our childhood that hasn’t been banned for lawsuit prevention.


On missions night in Cubbies, Ali went as a Chinese girl. I tried to straighten her hair. It didn’t work so well.



Noah being charming as always.


If I had known how delightful a happy baby was,


I might not have waited four years.


(Sorry Ali. I love you immensely, but in the happiest-baby contest, Noah wins by a landslide.)

(But don’t worry. He’d have to be pretty close to perfect to beat you in the toddler category.)


Attempts at photographing my two kids…





Eh. Forget it. I’ll just keep photographing them separately.


Ali got a hair cut. When wet, her hair was all the way down to her waist.

(She wanted to grow it long enough so that she could accidentally tee-tee on it…but I wasn’t too excited about that idea.)

Before and after:

IMG_3626 copy

After her salon pampering, she felt quite glamorous…



We went to the Botanical Gardens last Saturday (along with half of the city – the other half was next door at the Zoo…)


Ali loved all of the “Japanese Cherry Possums”…


And always likes to get her picture taken at the bridge on which Gramamma and Pop got married.


She “allowed” me to take a few more pictures of her…


I wish I got my eyes from her.



And, for the most graceful shot of the day…


Garden allergies, perhaps?


Jackamo said...

Love the pics! I didn't know your parents got married there. It is one of my favorite spots.

Lora said...

So glad you are continuing to enjoy a happy baby! They are wonderful things!

Jill said...

Great pics! Those are 2 cutie-pies!

Mama Hen said...

Yep, happy babies are wonderful. Its hard to be in a bad mood when a happy baby is around.

She wanted to accidently tee-tee on her hair????

Tanya Ott said...

what cutie pies! I would die for those curls :)

jennifer said...

You are having the time of your life, aren't you. Being the Mommy of two precious kiddos seems to really suit you (which is a good thing).

Many moms have pictures of the zoned-out-watching-tv nose pick, but how many think to photograph the full forearm... (forarm?)... wrist to elbow nose wipe? YOU are a pro.