Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Noah, almost a year old, is at that fabulous stage of changing and developing in massive steps. Some of it, like the waving, the clapping, and the minimal talking, I totally expected. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he learned (and was willing to obey) “No” and “Come back”. But other parts completely amaze me – babies know so much more than we give them credit for…

We went with my Mom and Grandmother to a new location of one of our favorite restaurants a month and a half ago. While we were there, Noah and my Grandmother developed this funny head-bobbing game. He played it with everyone he saw for a couple of days, then forgot about it.

Over a month later, we returned to that new location with Chris and Ali. About halfway through our meal, Noah got quiet and started looking all around, looking at the ceiling, and thinking deeply. All of a sudden, his eyes lit up, he looked at me, and he started bobbing his head just like he had learned to do at our last visit.

Mom and Dad were working in the nursery at Church one Sunday. They of course were trying to get Noah to show off for the other nursery workers.

Mom kept trying to get him to say “Gramamma.” Every time she would say, “Say Gramamma!!”, he would look at my dad and say “Pop!!”

Later, Mom said, “Say Pop!!”

Noah smiled really big, and said, “Gramamma!!”

He is really beginning to prefer Chris in a major way. If Chris is holding him and I reach for him, he buries his head in Chris’ shoulder and smiles at me.

However, usually asking him if he wants to go night-night works every time – I’m pretty sure he thinks that means, “You want to go nurse?”

One night, Chris was holding him, and he wouldn’t come to me. Finally, I said, “You want to go night-night?”

He buried his head deeper into Chris’ shoulder, looked back at me, smiled, and said, “Dada!!”

Message received.

We were on our way to dinner one night, and Noah and Ali were busy in the backseat, chatting and playing. I told Chris,

“Oh! I forgot to bring Noah anything to eat!”

“That’s okay. We’ll just buy him a grilled cheese.”

Noah quit babbling in the backseat, got really quiet for a moment, and then started emphatically saying, “More! More! More!!!”

I love this age.


Jill said...

I think he's just brilliant!

Adrienne said...

That's so fun!

Landen is definitely at an age where he is prefering my husband over me. He does the same thing when I reach for him or ask him to give me kisses.

It seems like they haven't been around long enough to understand all the stuff we say, but then they turn around and respond by words or actions! 1 is such a great age!

Kitty Engle said...

Now, can you teach him to say G'ma and G'pa? Or I guess he can just whisper Kitty.

Christen said...

So cute & very smart!