Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Forty-Five.

"When Noah turns two I'm going to get him a red cape and mask. And when he turns three I'm going to get him a donkey costume like daddy."

"Everyday on Wednesday my horse sins one time."

One day, we were having some friends over.  Ali had been reading a Look and Find book all morning, but right before they were to arrive, she ran off to my office and hid it there.  When she got back, she asked,
"Can I get my Look and Find out of your office when the other kids come over?"

"Yes, but why did you put it in there if you want to look at it with the other kids?"

"Because I like to say 'I'll be right back.'"

Ali wanted to do something later that day, so she told me,

"You need to remind me to do it.  Okay?"

"Why don't you just remember?"

"Well, I can only remember things for about... One minute."

"I smell something!"

"What is it?"

"I don't know."

"What do you think it is?"

"I don't know but my party friends said it smells like monkeys!!"

"Hey Ali - what's that all over your shirt?"

"Hmm. Maybe bird poop?"

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MamaHen said...

I wonder why the horse only sins on Wednesday. I would like to know his trick...