Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love, Titus.

Ali got a Thank You note today from Titus for coming to his birthday party. I got it out of the mailbox, and then read it to her before I sprung her from her carseat.

It was a long note, but the only thing that mattered to Ali was the last two words:

"Love, Titus."

She kept repeating them over and over, dreamily, as she held the card.

Here was our discussion about it:


Christen said...

Looks like she has a crush, I didn't know they started that early! From what I've heard around church there are several little girls who have a crush on Titus, very popular little guy!

Gina said...

very cute... :) :)

Mama Hen said...

Well, she can have her fling with Titus now, but James will be patiently waiting:). With Ali's curls and James' eyes....

Jennifer said...

Yep, Titus is a good one to have a crush on!

Love Ali's hair, but it makes her look so grown up!