Monday, July 13, 2009

It's The Yittle Fings, Part Two.

Ali has almost all of her states down pat - even the little ones now! I will try to video her saying them soon.

For the purposes of learning them, I've been using Pistachios and Marshmallows lately. I'll put one on a state, and then when she says the state name, she gets to eat it.

Lately, I've been starting out with marshmallows. Then, a few states in, Ali gets tired of them and says, "I'm all done with marshmallows. I'd like to switch to nuts now."
This morning, I went to get her out of her bead. The first thing she told me was that something hurt. I couldn't understand WHAT hurt, but was afraid of what it sounded like she had said. But, I picked the closest thing I THOUGHT she MIGHT have said, and said,

"Your BACK hurts??"

"No." And, while pointing to exactly what hurt and saying it much more clearly, she informed me, "My BUTT hurts."

"You mean your BOTTOM hurts?"

"Yes, my BOTTOM hurts."

Wow. I wish I could blame that one on her trip to Gramamma and Pop's, but I know better. Time to start paying better attention to what I'm saying, whether I'm talking to her or not.

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Christen said...

Ryan and I just had a conversation about that in the car yesterday...we both get very frustrated with people who don't know how to drive and Luke is starting to pick up on everything we're saying!