Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's the Yittle Fings

In the past few weeks, Ali has gotten SO very conversational - it has amazed me the things that she'll come out with. I mean - complete sentence structure and big sentences - like "Daddy do you want to scoot up a little so that I can go behind you?" - it's just fascinating.

But, there's still a bit of baby talk to them. One of my favorite phrases is "yittle fings" (i.e. "little things") because it still has that touch of I-don't-pronounce-things-like-an-adult-yet to it.

So, since I can't fit all of these conversations we've been having into witty posts at my main blog, but I don't want to forget them, I'm going to start collecting some here at B-Sides.

Me: "Are you okay?"
Ali: "I'm not so bad."

She woke up screaming from a dream the other day..."Where's your Thomas? Where's your Percy?" (most of the time she is using "my" appropriately, but I guess it got lost in her sleep somewhere.)
Me: "They are downstairs - you were just dreaming about them. You can play with them tomorrow!"
Ali, in a worried- but-I'm-trying-to-believe-you-tone: "Your Edward will come back too?"

Another night, she woke up screaming, "I want to go downstairs and see Amanda!! And get my Lemonade!!" (something we've only had ONCE at our house)
She woke up the next morning and we played and finally started breakfast - she'd been up for a WHILE - and she said nonchalantly, "Can I have my lemonade now?"

She was bemoaning not wanting to share her snack with some friends that we were about to go see. I explained that she should share, and was using her stuffed Minnie Mouse, whom she was carrying, as an example:

Me: "Are you going to share your snack with Minnie?"
Ali: "No. She doesn't have a mouth."
Me: "If she did have a mouth, would you share your snack?"
Ali: "But she doesn't have a mouth."

And then, finally, tonight, during our bedtime routine and after a few rounds of family kisses, she said in this long, breathless run-on sentence, "I don't want to do another family kiss..because..because..we're going to the beach in 40 days."


Christen said...

It's amazing the things that come out of kid's mouths! I love when they don't quite pronounce words correctly, I think "yittle fings" is so cute! I was teaching Luke to say "Goofy" yesterday (we were reading a Micky book) and he kept saying "Poopy", so I made him say it over & over again 'cause it was so funny!

Kitty Engle said...

Ilove getting to know what she says, you should keep this up so we can imagine her saying them.

Gina said...

That's way too cute. :) :) I love her Yittle Fings. :) :) She's adorable. :) :)