Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Four

I didn't feel too good last week after going to the dentist, so I while we were driving home, I had explained to Ali that I was sick. And, the rest of the way home, our conversations went as follows:

"Mommy is sad."

"No baby, I'm not sad, I'm just sick."

"You're happy? So you're all better?"

"No, I'm still sick, I'm just happy."

"Mommy is sad."

"No, I'm happy."

"You're all better? You're not sick anymore?"

"No, I'm sick still. But you can be happy AND sick. You don't have to be sad when you're sick."

Then to herself, as a mental note, she said quietly, "I'm going to call Daddy and tell him that Mommy's sick and Mommy's happy."

Since we're finished learning the States, we are now learning the Presidents. It's a bit slower, but it's a lot of fun. Every time we get it out, Ali points to one guy, laughs, and says, "Who's THAT funny guy?" and every time, it's Franklin Roosevelt.

Not sure why he's so funny, but she insists that he's the funniest looking guy ever.

Mom and Dad came over to visit Ali yesterday, and she brought out her President's placemat to show them. Dad decided to show her that Presidents were also on money.

They took all of his coins and put them on the correct president. Once they had them all sorted, Ali turned to Pop very confusedly and said, "Where's the Barack Obama Quarter??!!"

Oh - and she did manage to swipe all of Pop's change, in typical Grandchild fashion, although he DID save his $20 and $1 from the same trickery.

Ali did MUCH better at Gymnastics on Monday, although it did take a bit of bribery.

I talked it up all the way there, and told her that if she obeyed her coach and did what she asked her to do, then we would get PINK ICE CREAM after gymnastics. She was all on board and told me many times that she was going to obey her coach.

But then, when it got time to do a forward roll, she turned to me and told me matter-of-factly, "I don't want Pink Ice Cream anymore."

(Luckily, her coach didn't seem to mind a bit of bribery in her class.)

So I didn't make her do it.

Later, all she needed to do was crawl under something - totally easy. But she was hesitant. So I helped her go through. Then she came back around and looked at me seriously and said, "We DON'T push people, Mommy."

At first I didn't know what she was talking about. "Did someone push you?"

"We don't push people, MOMMY."

Then I remembered that I had given her a butt push to help her go through. "I wasn't pushing you, I was helping you."

"We don't push people, Mommy."

Then, toward the end of class, she somehow sensed that it was about to be over, and she said "I DO want some Pink Ice Cream."

Of course, I told her that she didn't obey her coach, and that she said she didn't want any. . .

(I left a dramatic pause in the air. . . )

Then told her that if she went back with her coach and did a forward roll, then she could still get her Pink Ice Cream. And she did. So we celebrated afterward. Something we may be doing on a weekly basis.


Jennifer said...

I absolutely LOVE these little stories about Ali! They are so adorable and hilarious! That first one was hilarious. It's almost as if she was REALLY meaning, "Mommy is obviously losing it, I better call Daddy so he can set her straight."

Christen said...

I agree with Jennifer, these Ali stories are great!
There might not be an Obama quarter, but they should make a trillion dollar bill and put Obama's face on it ;)
So glad Ali is doing better in gymnastics, I meant to ask you how that was going at lunch yesterday.

Mama Hen said...

I too like your Ali stories. Hey, bribery hurts no one. We've all done it. But you were wise to stick to your guns. They will figure it out realllll quick if you give in, even just once.

Learning the presidents! My big kids don't even know the presidents!

Kitty Engle said...

yittle fings is absolultely my favorite. I can just picture her and you talking. The gymnastics story is also great.