Saturday, August 29, 2009

B-Side Photos of the Week

These photos are not at all in chronological order, and the captions may be completely unentertaining. Because this is B-Sides, Where I'm Allowed To Be Lazy.

We had one last hurrah at Spring Valley Beach Waterpark this morning, and surprisingly, Ali was willing to go down the slide with Chris again! And even more surprisingly, she never cried!
Last Sunday (told you there wasn't any order to these pictures - and I don't care!!) we had a Small Group Pool Party. Ali had a great time:
But, of course, she ended up in the hot tub, by herself, and still fully entertained.

All while the other little girls were cheering on the men in a rousing game of beach ball pool volleyball:

Chris taught Ali how to play Checkers at Cracker Barrel:
She totally understood all of the rules and killed him, as you can see in this picture:
That same night, there were some awesome skies:
One day earlier this week, I assumed that my child was old enough to leave alone with her lunch for a few minutes.

While that may be true as a general rule, if Yogurt is involved, all rules are thrown out the window:

Yeah. I'm sure THAT was a total accident.

We went to Aldridge Gardens on Wednesday, where Ali had fun riding in a chariot pulled by a turtle:

And being hugged by a bunny.

Luke, Baby Aubrey, and Christen met us there, and I continue to be amazed and HOW LONG rocks can entertain children:
I'm pretty sure that if we hadn't gotten bored and wanted to move on, they would have played, thrown, stacked, and sorted rocks all day.

Ali's never getting another toy in her life. Just boxes of rocks.

And then, they were completely mesmerized by a microscopic mushroom:

Of which she BEGGED to eat:

But for some reason, it didn't set too well in her stomach.

JUST KIDDING. I'm not THAT mean of a Mom.


Mama Hen said...

Oh my goodness, you should put her in pigtails everyday! Too cute. I love the new header too.

Tyson, Rachel and Kariya said...

Haha, those pictures are too cute! Love the new header over here too!

Joy said...

Ali's curls are just so cute!!!

Christen said...

I know I'm almost a week late commenting on this post, but I finally have time to read blogs since I'm on vacation!
I love the picture of Ali beating Chris at checkers, Cracker Barrel checkers games are the best!
We had a great time at the gardens with you guys, I think I need to invest in some of those rocks for our backyard!