Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Five

Upon reading back through this Yittle Fings edition, it has a lot of references to poop in it. Hmm...sorry about that. We're just "in that stage", ya know?

Me, upon opening a diaper that surprised me, "Oh! You've got a little bit of poopy in here."

Ali: "I have a little bit of Poopy! Can we call Daddy in here to see it?!?!?"

We were singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" with all of it's' endless verses, as usual, on the way home one night.

After singing "Jesus Loves the Little Mommies", Ali asked if we could sing, "Jesus loves the big Mommies."

Of course, Chris snickered.

But I obliged, being the good Mommy I was, and led us out in a rousing chorus of "Jesus Loves the Big Mommies."

Unluckily for Chris, she asked to sing "Jesus Loves the Big Daddies" next. Since he had been smart with me, I changed it a bit, "to make it easier to sing", and sang "Jesus Loves the BigHuge Daddies."

Well, that started a whole different problem. From then on through our singing, Ali wanted to sing "Jesus Loves the BigHuge Lindsays", "Jesus Loves the BigHuge Gramammas", "Jesus Loves the BigHuge Pops", etc.

Which would be fine, except that I'm afraid she's going to ask one of them one day to sing their appropriate song, and they will assume that we taught her that they are BigHuge.

Ali pooped in her swim diaper at the water park last Saturday. On Monday night, she informed Chris, "I pooped in the pool yesterday. And it was NASTY."
"Mommy, can I wear your sunglasses?"

"No, baby. They're too big for you."

"When my eyeballs get bigger, I can use them. But for now, you are using them."

"That's right."
We went to Target yesterday, and I had to go to the bathroom. There were a few other people in there, unfortunately, since our bathroom visits often include a lot of talking about it. But this might have been my favorite ever bathroom conversation:

Ali: "Mommy, are you tinkling?"

Me: "Yes."

Ali, screaming in approval and clapping, "GOOOD JOB!!!!!!"

I let her "help" me with Chris' office's payroll this morning, in hopes that I could do it without her trying to get me to come play with her every other second. I explained to her the concept - I was adding everyone's time up so that we could pay them.

When we got to her favorite person at Chris' office, Dax, she just got all in a tizzy with excitement.

"I want to pay Dax!!! I want to pay Dax!! I don't want to miss my chance to pay Dax!!!"

Then we got to Daddy.

"We're going to pay DADDY TOO?!?!?!?!?!"

Payroll is now THE most fun game in the world.


Rachel said... this a secret blog?

Because I love it!

Gina said...

That was too cute. I loved the "Big Huge" that was added to Jesus Loves the Little Children song. Hopefully you won't teach her there are Big Huge Gina's. :) :) hahahaha. :)

Lianne said...

Oh my word! There is so much cuteness in this post that I can't stand it!

I love the new banner on this page, too. Ali is such a rockstar in her sunglasses.

Mama Hen said...

I love the "Good Job Mommy" I'm sure all the other moms got a kick out of it too.

I have started singing the different versions of "Jesus Loves the Little Children" to James when I am rocking him. He loves it! At first he was so surprised, but he caught on quickly and now he loves it!

Anonymous said...

HAHA....that was GREAT! I loved her clapping when you were in the bathroom. HILARIOUS! That one was my favorite.

Christen said...

Sounds like Ali is an accountant in training...she should get paid for all her hard work!
If you get that much praise for tinkling, wonder what kind of reaction you'll get if you do anything thing "else" in the potty :)