Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's the Yittle Fings: Part Seven

Ali, to Chris: "Are you a boy like God is a boy?"

"Ummmm....yes, and no..."

Heard from the backseat... "Where is Pop? I bet he's at Gramamma's house..."

Ali always tries to stall bedtime with a request to "play rosies" (Ring Around the Rosies). The other day, she got her timing mixed up and said, "When we get home, can I play rosies for just a couple of hours?"

I started laughing, and said, "You're so funny."

In a whiny, whiny, voice, she replied, "I knooooow it."

Since potty-training is going fabulously well at the moment, Ali is rather obsessed with her own, and other people's bodily functions. We were at work the other day, and a guy that I don't know that well came out of the bathroom.

Ali asked loudly, "Was he tee-teeing in the potty?"

"Yes, probably.."

Then, "Was he POO-POOING in the potty?"

(I'm really hoping he was out of earshot, but if he wasn't, he politely pretended to be.)

Speaking of Potty-training, the first day that Ali wore "Big girl panties" all day, I told her to be sure and tell Daddy when he got home (he actually really didn't know).

When he walked in the door, she ran over to him and squealed with glee, "I tooted in my big girl panties!!!!!"

We were at the gas station the other day waiting for the gas to pump, and Ali had noticed a life-sized Big Al and Aubie at the door. She asked what they were, and I explained that they were "Roll Tide Elephants and War Eagle Tigers."

I went on to explain that we liked Roll Tide Elephants, and that David at work liked War Eagle Tigers.

She got all academic on me and said, "mm hmm. So we like Roll Tide Elephants, David likes War Eagle Tigers, and I like kitty cats!!!"


Mama Hen said...

Too cute Rachel. Keep recording all those little things, cause you will think you will remember, but it all slips away.

Good job on the potty training. We gave up a long time ago.

Kitty Engle said...

Made my Monday morning, more funny memories.I have wondered how potty training is going.

Lianne said...

Yay for big girl panties!! Go Ali!

Tyson, Rachel and Kariya said...

I love these little sayings! I really need to start writing Kariya's down. I love the "tooted in my big girls panties!" Hahaha! :)

Christen said...

So glad potty training is going so well! Yittle Fings is one of my favorite series!

Karen said...

I've got to start writing down or memorize what my kids say, so I too can have a Yittle Fings post.

Also, how to you get the line between each section?

Karen said...

You are so great at responding back to my questions/comments on your posts. Thanks for the code, I'll be trying it soon!

Gina said...

very cute. I noticed though that you went from it's teh yittle fings: part five to it's the yittle fings: part seven. Where's part six. Am I missing out???