Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cutting Edge Social Media News Reporting!

I found my calling in football at the first game this year via tweeting. I really did pay more attention to the game and enjoyed it all the more by pretending to be a cutting edge reporter. Here are my tweets from the game, for those who can't wait to get your hands on the view of the game from a (not-too-footbally) girl's perspective:

Headed to the game! Will try hard not to fall asleep.;) (reference: http://tinyurl.com/kt7agl)Glad I understand football better these days!
There are a lot of hokey cheers around here...
You know how when you're at a dam, its fun to refer to everything as the dam bridge, the dam water, the dam opening? I shall use hokey. from txt

There are a lot of hokey people wearing hokey colors. Cheering for a hokey team. Hopefully none are hokily reading over my shoulder.
Two hokey sorority girls literally just hauled into me from the back and knocked me nearly down. Hokey.
What's that playground game where you all hold hands and someone tries to break thru? We r apparently playing that in line for cokes. Hokey.
In our non-hokey seats!! I've never been in an upper deck and were in the very last row..i like it! I adore heights.
Plus, if you're in the highest row, its a guarantee that no one above you can spill their beer on you. Now the people in front of you, maybe
Hokey team takes the field! What a hokey run! Whoo hoo! If I tweet this whole game to stay entertained, will anyone fuss?
We rock. Hokeys hoke.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha.....you had an awful lot of time on your hands at the game, didn't you? :)