Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Passionista Video Coverage

This is the final Dragon*Con installment - a video for those of you who find yourself yearning for more coverage of the event...although this video may offer LESS coverage of the attendees.

Watch at your own risk, and enjoy!


Kitty Engle said...

Watch at your own risk is the darn truth. How can those people dress like that and not KNOW they will be laughed at by others?

Anonymous said...

Because "those people" know and trust each other. It's all in good fun, and some do expect to be laughed at. We laugh at you when you're stumbling around drunk and cheering on your team..

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, laughter IS the goal of the costume. It's a giant in-joke, completely incomprehensible to those who aren't fellow fen.

The fact is we don't CARE about what other people think...We do it because we enjoy it, and enjoy seeing the efforts of everyone else. It's about appreciating something made by human hands, for the enjoyment of others. If you can't appreciate it, then have the decency to ignore it, as we do most mundanes.

Besides, don't you think it's unwise for people who routinely paint their beer bellies with team logos, and go around in front of thousands, considerably more than the "pleather" (patent leather, PVC or latex are the terms you're looking for.) people or butt cheek people, to make fun of others?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed you went stayed at another hotel during the event. You went multiple nights to gawk at people. This is a culture that you know nothing about, nor do you care to even buy a pass and go to panels and learn something about them.

Some folks never grow up, do they?

Kimberworld said...

I love it. "Those people". Jeez, Kitty, you sound like such a close-minded, uptight, almost bigot-like person, I'm glad you refuse to join us at D*C. Personally, I'd rather not have "you people" with us.