Monday, September 7, 2009

Dragon*Con: Extended Edition!

For the whole story and the best pictures, check out my main blog. Here are the rest of the good ones that I just had to share. Caution: view at your own risk – there may be a few that you wish you had NEVER let burn your retinas.

These girls had very authentic, un-zombiefied, and even modest outfits. They were definitely part of the minority:IMG_2784

One of Chris’ favorites: Contra Dude. He even had the super secret 20 lives code on the back of his spread weapon symbol:IMG_2865

Sometimes, Dragon*Con can be a bit rough on the wings:


I’m sadly afraid that this would be Ali’s dream outfit. If only the hair and tail were pink, that is:


Apparently, the price per yard of Plether is too high for an ENTIRE top these days:


Hurry! to forget about that image, check out the hair band:


MULTIPLE ambulances were standing by outside all of the Dragon*Con hotels Friday night. I wonder why?


More Parade pics:


You have to love a costume that is a spoof of a spoof of a popular movie. A La Space Balls:IMG_2890

More Superheros…including that all-famous regular guy in a sage and white striped shirt superhero:


There were characters from all versions of shows, including original Batman:


The Harry Potter costumes were especially authentic. Mad Eye Moody, Tonk, Hermione, Harry, Ginny, Ron…


Delores Umbridge (I think), Professor Trelawney, another Tonk…


Snape, Sirius, and what is with the CAT right in the middle of the Harry Potter parade? Am I forgetting some cartoonish character?!


And finally, the Harpies:


After all of the Harry Potter crowd came Princess Buttercup escorted by TWO Westleys, which made it very hard to photograph Buttercup herself:


And finally, here are a few that didn’t make the main post simply because I couldn’t come up with a caption good enough for them. Feel free to choose your own caption and share with the rest of us:


IMG_2951 IMG_2965 IMG_2967 IMG_2972 IMG_2974 IMG_2975 IMG_2977 IMG_2981 IMG_2998 IMG_2999 IMG_3006

Still to come: Video Coverage of the Friday Night Festivities.


Jackamo said...

I am TRULY startled by how entertained I am by these pictures!! I've just about got B to agree that we can go to Atlanta this weekend next year. Man. I seriously cannot comprehend how people can have know...nerves to wear some of those outfits. Whoa.

Anonymous said...

About the ambulances, I believe by GA law if a group of people is as certain size an ambulance must be at the location as a precaution. And with the size of Dragon*Con especially with the crowds at night its not a surprise.

lindsay said...

O.o i was the pink/blue back photo you took, and that was me as My Little Pony-Firefly

Lianne said...

Yay: Princess Bride.

Honorable mention: Hair Band. I miss the 80s.

Ick: Pleather exposure girl. Blecch.

What the heck?: Big Green Loogie with arms on wheels.

Keep these pics coming! Very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Jackamo, I seriously cannot comprehend how people can have the... you know... nerves to make comments like yours.

I also serious cannot comprehend how the person behind this and the other blog has the... you know... nerves to traipse all around a convention she had no real interest in just so she could "entertain" by presenting a very negative and one-dimensional image of Dragon*Con.

Eoywin said...

The guy in one of the last people in the Star Trek uniform is a friend of mine :)

Pher said...

Haha, you're right, Chaos, I see she got a pic of Doug!

BJ said...

Actually, those gals in the first pic you posted were NOT "definitely part of the minority". A good percentage of the Dragon*Con people (and people who attend such conventions in general) actually DON'T just run around in lingerie or slatter bllod on ourselves. Rather, we actually put time and effort into making our costumes, and many of these costumes, save for the spandex-clad superheroes who are suposed to be spandex-clad anyway, are actually fairly conservative.

Furthermore, the girls in that photo are wearing cheap-@$$ pre-fab costumes that are "sexy" versions of Alice and the Queen of Hearts, therefore putting them in the same category as the underdressed attendees you chose to focus so much on so as to present a very skewed, extemely biased, and unfair view of Dragon*Con.

And I'm joining the chorus on your main blog who called you on invading the con. Had you tried a stunt like this at a similiar function in another part of the country, well, I've heard one CANNOT ENTER that convention's venue without a badge (hey let you into the registration area to get the badge, but meanwhile you're not allowed past registration or into any of the building's other entrances, security guards are poised everywhere to see to that.

Anonymous said...
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