Thursday, November 18, 2010

So I got my Camera!

After a bunch of research, I finally decided on the Canon T2i.

I settled on Canon because my point-and-shoot is Canon, I love it, and am already familiar with the terms and controls.

I chose the T2i because it is a) one of their newest models, and therefore has more features (and won’t soon be replaced with a newer, snazzier one that I’ll be wishing I had), and b) because it’s a step up from the lower end one, but not a super-duper professional one.

Also, on Amazon, they are running a deal where you got a free (!!) $200 Zoom lens, and the $200 zoom lens came with a free (!!) $16 UV protector. Plus the camera was on sale, so with all that together, I felt like I was getting a good deal.

(I adore Amazon.)

And, if you’re wondering, it wasn’t really a “push present” persay – really that was just my justification for spending the money --- because I’m romantic like that and all.


I got it last Friday (after an adventure of chasing down the UPS man after missing him by 15 minutes), and have been reading up on it, but am still definitely a beginner. I seriously have no idea what I’m doing.

But, luckily, the automatic settings are pretty good until I figure it out, so that’s what I’ve been playing with.

And, since I’m not so agile right now, my only photographical-practice-muse is that which is with me at (almost) all times – Ali.

And, oddly enough, she’s been somewhat willing to let me practice on her…

This was the very first picture I snapped with it:

I was impressed by how well it captured her eyes – they are often shadowed out with my other camera – and also how clear the photo was. I could zoom all the way in to her nose hairs.

(Yes, the poor kid has nose hairs. She’s got Greek Blood, after all.)


One thing this camera does that my old one didn’t do is purposefully fade the background out if I’m taking a portrait shot – I really like that. I was always trying to blur my backgrounds on my old pictures to make the subject stand out more, but now I don’t have to:



I played with the black and white settings a bit, and Ali started getting a bit silly…IMG_1562


And then she got really silly.


A three-year-old muse can only last so long, after all.

I know nothing about the zoom lens, but this is the one photo that I’ve successfully taken with it so far…


At any rate, I have a ton to learn, but I’m excited about the possibilities. And, I figure, this will really even the score on the whole second-child-gets-less-baby-photos thing – because even if he gets less, at least Noah’s photos will be a LOT better than Ali’s were!


Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy said...

I have a Canon T1i and I LOVE mine! My dad has a T1i and I'm jealous of your 6400 ISO. :P

Hope you enjoy it. I learned a lot about my camera from the Pioneer Woman tutorials, believe it or not. Then I took a Click Workshop and things really did click for me. I am totally addicted to photographing my kid now. If only he would look at the camera and smile instead of trying to chunk giant rocks at my head and the dogs, I'd be all set.

Have fun and shootshootshoot!!

Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy said...

Duh, that should read "my Dad has a T2i"


Karen said...

Awesome! i have a Nikon D5000 for about 6 months and am still learning. My came with classes at the Ritz store, but I haven't taken any yet. And I am asking for another lense for Christmas. You will have a blast with it, but sometimes they are bulky!

And I'm sure Noah will get lots of pictures as you will be experimenting. And he doesn't move, like your 3, almost 4 year old subject.

Stephanie said...

I have an underwater point and shoot. And my cell phone.

It would be nice to have a nice camera, but for some reason the money gets spent on art supplies instead....

Stephy_B said...

Yay!! Congrats- you'll have lots of fun with it- a suggestion for you: - it's like 9.99 for a month's subscription, but the cool thing is, you can print off the lessons and keep them in a binder for referencing later - it's got TONS of good suggestions, best $10 I ever spent! Enjoy snapping~!