Tuesday, November 2, 2010

32 Weeks – 7 To Go!

32 wks

Total Weight Gained: 21.2 Pounds. Of course, that’s using my own at-home weight, not the doctor’s horrifically bad weigh-in at my last visit. I’m really hoping to redeem myself when I go back on Wednesday.

Cravings: PEZ. Sorry, Ali, your PEZ stash is now completely gone. At least they only have like 35 calories a pack – I figure it’s a good craving to have.

Contractions: They are seriously getting bad. I think, hope, and pray that Noah managed to turn around (de-breech) during the night Saturday night – I woke up Sunday morning nearly unable to move from the pain and soreness, and since then, everything has felt very different, very painful, very contractiony, and very like-the-bottom’s-gonna-fall-out-any-minute. Of course it’s not time for that, but I just think the difference in feelings HAS to be because he finally managed to turn around, and maybe he’s not such a fan of the upside-down position. I go to the doctor on Wednesday, so I’m anxiously awaiting the prognosis of whether he’s still breech or not.

Movements: He’s gotten a bit more violent in there – there is often a visible protrusion where a foot is sticking out of my side, or a head is sticking out, or an elbow is trying to come through my belly-button. Ali’s been enjoying feeling him kicking around in there, though.

Sleep: Not so easy these days. I’m waking up a lot with soreness and contractions, but I’m not exhausted from the lack of sleep, so that’s at least a positive.

Why I’m Proud of Myself: I actually started drinking water regularly! And it’s not so bad, now that I’m getting used to it! I’ve never been much of a fan, and it’s something I have to force myself to do. So two weeks of drinking significant amounts of water is a huge victory - I totally deserve a reward.

I wonder where I can find more PEZ around here?


Mama Hen said...

You do deserve a reward! When I was pregnant I could not drink water. I drink it a lot now, but when PG, no way. It caused terrible reflux. Water!

You look terrific and sorry you have been hurting. Those last weeks are so painful, but so exciting also. Can't wait to see Baby Noah!

Jill said...

I know your pregnancy isn't all about me but I'm seriously ready for you to have Noah so we can see some baby pics! :)

You look great and keep drinking that water!

Christen said...

Hope the contractions stop soon!

Do you like any flavor PEZ? I love the red, but can't stand the yellow or orange :)

Elizabeth said...

You look great! Sorry you're hurting so bad, but hopefully little Noah de-breeched for you so you can attempt your VBAC :)

Kitty Engle said...

Sorry you are so sore and hurting, just remember he is a boy and will be much more active than a girl. He is preparing you for a boy. Hold in there, 7 weeks is not long in the bit scheme of things. Can't wait to see him.

This Is The Day said...

You still look awesome! Sorry your are hurting. :( For some reason my second was insanely more painful that the first. I had so much pressure in my pelvic floor I couldn't squat or bend down to get something past 20 weeks. It was very painful. Hang in there! And awesome job on the water!!!

Karen said...

so, what did the dr. say? Is all the pain normal?

Stephanie said...

I go to the doctor today...let's see if I managed to gain any weight yet!

You look fantastic!

Stephy_B said...

It's so interesting for me to read your posts, since I could basically post the same exact things... same due date, same contractions & pains, same body parts seeming to protrude to the point that you feel you should excuse yourself while you tuck them back in, same sex child lol.. except PEZ cravings- haha, mine are more like my granny's recipe of peanut butter rice krispy treats. Hope your days (and nights) get easier, but it's not looking like it will turn that way :) Oh, meant to ask - I'm surprised you haven't mentioned heartburn being an issue - especially since your buffalo sauce cravings - has it been an issue for you? Maalox has become the cocktail of choice for me, haha!

jennifer said...

You look so darn good. I NEVER looked that fabulous when I was pregnant.