Monday, October 25, 2010

It's The Yittle Fings, Part Thirty-Three.

On the day I took Ali, AJ, and Tessa out to Gramamma's house, Tessa was in the back seat babbling on the way home.

Ali listened for a minute and then said, "Listen, Mommy!!! Tessa is trying to count in Spanish!!!"
Apparently, Ali experienced the phenomenon of her ears popping for the first time. She said, shocked, "My yawns make things even louder!!!!"
AJ and Tessa and family have been in the process of moving. This is a very bizarre concept to Ali, and she's been asking a lot of questions about it...

"What's wrong with AJ's old house?"

"Did they break their old house?"

Ali stayed at my parents last weekend while we went to Atlanta for my birthday. Ali was getting impatient and quite excited to get out there, so she finally said, "Are you gonna take me to Gramamma's, or am I gonna take myself to Gramamma's???"
(For reference, Ali calls her imaginary friends "party friends". I have NO idea why.)

Ali had been on her pretend phone all morning with her favorite Party Friend, Samuel. But even though both he and the phone were pretend, she was still whispering so that I couldn't hear their conversation. She's three and already practicing to be a teenager.

Then, after she FINALLY got off the phone with Samuel, she told me, "I have a new Party Friend!! His name is Gymboree - he's a boy. And Gymboree doesn't cry when he cuts onions!!"
Sunday night, we had the following conversation:

Ali: "Mommy, someone is having a peanut allergy at Sunday School."

Me: "Well, Tessa has one, but she's not in your class..does someone in your class also have a peanut allergy?"

Ali: "I don't know. Next time I'm with God, I'll have to ask him about that."

To add to Ali's song explanations, she taught me a new one the other day.

One of her CD's has more than one verse to "Jesus Loves the Little Children" on it. One of the verses is "Jesus Died for All the Children." I've always wondered what she thought of that verse...but now I know.

She started singing it the other day, and at first I didn't even realize she was singing it wrong, until she told me...

"Mommy, this is the Diaper verse. See?? Jesus diapered all the children...all the children of the world...."


Jane said...

Too cute!!!!


Stephanie said...

Oh! I'm sure Jesus had a thrilling time diapering all of the children!

And I like the idea of party friends...

This Is The Day said...

Love, love, love it! Especially the one about the "next time I'm with God". Precious.

Caitlin said...

Oh my gosh, the diaper version is hilarious! Also, maybe she heard you call them pretend friends? Maybe? :)