Thursday, September 30, 2010

Over The River and Through The Woods…

Today, I did what I thought was impossible: I fit three full-sized car-seats into the backseat of my Honda Pilot, without having to set up the third row seat (which is a real pain to get to anyway).IMG_0760
It was a scary sight and not necessarily the lowest maintenance way to tote children, but it’s good to know that I don’t necessarily have to lose my membership to the Minivan Holdout Club if, by quite the slim chance, Noah is hiding his twin brother somewhere in the depths of my belly.

At any rate, I took Ali, AJ, and Tessa over the river and through the woods to Gramamma’s house.

Okay, maybe it was more like over the creek…IMG_0855

But it counts.

Being the two least agile members of our day of fun, Tessa and I spent a lot of time together:IMG_0763
…which resulted in a lot of photos of her.

But she joined in the big girl’s fun as well, including the favorite pastime of Gramamma’s house, chalking, then painting The Big Rock in the Garden.



You would think they were having a miserable time…
But I think they just resented the photographical interruption.

Once they realized that smiling was the only way to END the interruption, they were much more amiable.IMG_0779

We then set off for a tour of the property in Gramamma’s Little Car,

Which ended at the creek.

The big girls kept Gramamma busy bringing them more rocks to throw in the creek,IMG_0803

An activity that AJ found to be the “MOST FUN THING EVER!!!”,IMG_0807

While Tessa and I sat, watched, and clapped for their big splashes:






Ali and AJ then explored the dry part of the creek bed with the sole mission of cleaning ALL the rocks.



Of course, Tessa wanted to join them. And she wasn’t unhelpful, either – from the looks of the back of her pants, she did a pretty bang-up rock-cleaning job as well.




This Is The Day said...

Fun! I can't believe how big Tessa is already. It seems like you were just posting about her birth the other day. What a cutie. I'm also impressed that you fit those full sized carseats in your Pilot. Gives me hope for my next one. :)

P.S. Where'd you get Ali's rainboots? Those are cute. I've been looking for some for K but I haven't found any I just love.

Jackamo said...

Fun times! That was some good multi-child practice. Way to man up! Love the commune, btw. I still think that we should all move there.

Stephanie said...

What pretty pictures! I wish I could take awesome pictures like you!

Christen said...

What a fun day, you got some great pictures of the girls!