Sunday, September 12, 2010

Orphaned Photos, Part Eleven

What a difference a week makes….

Last Week:IMG_0500

This Week: IMG_0657

THAT’S more like what a “First Week of Cubbies” photo shoot should look like…

Ali and I went to the Salon to get haircuts last week. As usual, she found the shampooing process to be 100% better than MY shampoo jobs:salon

Since it’s been a while since I last did an “Orphaned Pictures” post, I have some older ones…

Ali’s favorite part of my trip to Blogher was me coming home. Not because I was home, but because of all the swag I brought her.

She simply couldn’t contain her excitement about her new personalized Dora shirt and all of her highly-anticipated Play-Doh…



And the light-up ring was a hit, too:

We got new Leotards for Gymnastics this year, and they both came with overly-80’s coordinating scrunchies.

And, since Ali had no traumatic-scrunchy-fashion-faux-pas-associations like I do, she of course wanted to actually wear them:IMG_0261Total 80’s queen.

Ali helped Chris put together Noah’s crib and changing table. She was actually pretty good with all the tools:IMG_0364


And REALLY loved the end product.

Here were my four favorite pictures from tailgating:





And finally, Ali’s favorite Summer Fashion Trend:IMG_9403

I bet it’ll be all the rage next summer.


Jill said...

OK, the pics of her laying back in the chair at the hair salon and the one in her leotard ARE PRICELESS!

Giann said...

Love the 80's look! haha Speaking of the 80's.....we have Netflix via the Wii and a MAJORITY of the movies are 80's movies!! Its insane, I tell you!!
Anyway, I like the third one of the tailgating photos!

This Is The Day said...

Oh my goodness, that photo in the salon makes it look like you have a total diva on your hands! Haha :) I can't believe scrunchies are coming back around. That is one trend that NEEDS to stay dead!

Stephanie said...

Awesome pictures! Terrible scrunchie....

Christen said...

I love the eighties really suits Ali!

Barkley said...

Cute shoes...the green AND the red!

Kitty Engle said...

I love her new bama dress. The very first picture made me sad, so glad it got better.

Jane said...

Those pictures are way too cute and I hope that you have framed several of them already!