Monday, October 4, 2010

28 Weeks: 11 Weeks to go!

28 wks

Total Weight Gained: 16.2 Pounds. I’m steadily gaining 2 pounds a week right now, a trend I would desperately like to stop. Immediately.

Cravings: Nothing new really… still buffalo sauce and Milky Way Midnights. However, I was happy to find out that I still love my favorite kind of ice cream, Edy’s Rocky Road. Finally – something Noah and I can agree on.

Aversions: Movement. I’m starting to get seriously uncomfortable and finding it difficult to find a very comfortable position for very long, which is turning me into a lazy, non-productive slug. Which might explain the whole two pounds a week issue.

Doctor’s Visit: I had my glucose test last week, which I thankfully passed. But because of some major pains and issues I’d felt the day before, they gave me a (sixth!!) sonogram, just to make sure my fluid levels were okay, which they were. And WOW – Noah looked HUGE!! I was amazed at how chubby he looked. Poor guy – he definitely has mine and Ali’s chubby cheeks:

His legs and arms also looked pretty chubby already, which is so hard for me to comprehend, since I know that babies born at this point have absolutely no body fat and look very un-baby like. But for some reason, at least on the sonogram, he looked like a regular baby – just squooshed.

Movements: Another thing I found out from the sonogram is that he has managed to flip around and is currently breech – with his head up in my ribs and his feet in perfect position to repeatedly and constantly kick me in the cervix.

Which is probably what was causing my pain in the first place.

But because of that, his movements have gotten pretty painful at times. Also, though, he’s really starting to fill up my belly, so I can feel every stretch, shift, and wiggle – which is fun and yet quite consuming all at once.

Birth Plan: If you’re wondering why my weeks in my title add up to 39 weeks, that’s because since Ali ended up being a C-Section, the current birth plan is: if I go into labor before 39 weeks, I’m totally willing to try a VBAC. However, my doctor doesn’t necessarily want me to go past 39 weeks (and I’m sure I won’t want to go past it either), so I have a scheduled C-Section for December 20th if he hasn’t come before then.

I’m really fine either way – I’m totally willing to try a VBAC, even though it might not be successful and I might have to have a C-Section anyway. But I also don’t mind another C-Section – I didn’t find it that hard to recover from, and I know what to expect.

Personally, I’d prefer he decided to come out on his own around 38 weeks – I really don’t want to be in the hospital the week of Christmas. But Chris has this romantic, idealistic, Griswold-esque idea of how festive the hospital will be, and that they’ll send Noah home in a stocking, and it will be a perfectly amazing Christmas…

So we’ll see.


Kitty Engle said...

I still vote for December 18. Maybe he will get anxious and be here for Christmas.

Mama Hen said...

I am guessing December 16th. That just sounds like a good day.

You look just precious. Really. I love baby bumps.

This Is The Day said...

Love your baby belly! You look so good! It looks like you just have a basketball under your shirt. A very squirmy, kicky basketball. Haha:) Sorry, I know how uncomfortable the last part gets. I was absolutely miserable with S. I'm really hoping each subsequent pregnancy doesn't get harder. Ugh. And 16 pounds is still great! Right on track for a normal weight gain. Way to go!

Jane said...

You look really great! Glad that things are going well for you!


Gina said...

I had my Abby on Dec. 22 and brought her home on Christmas Day. There wasn't anything necessarily wrong with it, but I don't really recommend it. Plus, Ali might get a little upset if Noah interfered with opening presents. Or maybe that's just my kids...

Cindy said...

Ha ha I love the idea of bringing him home in a stocking. I gained almost all of my weight (30 lbs.) by week 34ish. Since week 34 I've only gained 3 lbs? So don't worry too much every body is different.

You look so cute and tiny.

Greta said...

You do look great :).
And I hear ya on being very ready for the weight gain to stop.

Both my kids were breech up until week 36/37, can't remember.
Supposedly, this one is already head down which only makes me anxious that he'll flip at the last minute.
You're right though, he still has plenty of time to get it right.

And cervix pain is my favorite. Bleh. Feet or hands...both can be quite uncomfortable.

Stephanie said...

haha! you look awesome!

I'm jealous you pssed your glucose test! the 3 hour one was terrible, but I passed it (as far as I know, I never heard back about it...hooray for cheesecake!).

I've still only gained 5 lbs and I am, what? a week behind you? maybe I should try Mily Way Dark and buffalo sauce (not together)...

Barkley said...

Those jeans are super cute and fabulously flattering on you :)

asadisae said...

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Stephy_B said...

I'm so glad to see that you're finally joining the weight-gaining crowd, haha, makes me feel better about myself! I also discussed with my doc. the possibility of inducing on the 20th, but like you said, I would REALLY like to NOT be in the hospital on Christmas - even if they DO send him home in a stocking! So I'm praying that he decides to make an early appearance!! The last U/S I had showed he was breech too, and I completely feel your pain (literally!) with the whole cervix/BLADDER kicking... totally not cool! I have a video clip of the u/s that I need to show you - it's too funny. Maybe I can get it to send in an email! Take care of yourself - I'll be remembering you as I sit motionless in the recliner as well!