Thursday, June 30, 2011


There are some facts about babies that are absolute.

They will always sleep in on the mornings that you have to get up.

They will always get up at 5:30 am on the mornings that you could have slept in.

Their spit up will always miss their spit-up-catching bib and hit your shirt…especially if you just put it on.

If you’re dressed up to go somewhere fancy, they will most certainly award you with the trifecta of baby fluids.

At some point, you will find yourself comforting a baby by letting them ruthlessly gnaw on your fingers… or shoulder…or arm… or even leg…or computer, as mine is doing right now.

In some desperate moment of needing a break, you will convince yourself that waking a baby to change their dirty diaper is a greater sin than leaving them in it until they wake up.

And, at some point, you will most certainly put your baby in a laundry basket – for just a moment of having them trapped in one spot.





Good thing babies generally like laundry baskets.


Marty said...

I regularly carry mine up and down the stairs stuck in the laundry bask amongst the load of laundry being shuttled to/from the machines. I'm not sure whether this falls into the "horrible parent" or "absolute genius" category. But Adrianna loves it!

Ree said...

Yep - Alex is regularly carried up the stairs in the empty basked after I've hung the washing out.

If she's not around, one of the cats ends up going for a ride. >_>

Anonymous said...

Ellie enjoys emptying out the clothes from her hamper and climbing in to play.

Christen said...

We've done the laundry basket pictures too, those are some of my favorite pictures of Luke & Aubrey!