Friday, June 24, 2011

Six Months: A Comparison.

Yeah, yeah…I know you’re not supposed to compare your kids.





No, she wasn’t ever as blond as him.

Yes, the real pier / beach grass background is WAY better than the cheesy portrait-studio-half-painted-half-fake flowers.

Oh – and yes, he most definitely smiles more than she did at this age.

IMG_5491 (2)


Noah’s Stats:

17 pounds – 55th percentile

27 inches – 85th percentile

Ali at 6 Months:

16.8 pounds – 50th percentile

26.25 inches – 75th percentile

One day my kid’s not-so-tall genes are going to catch up with them – one day.


Jill said...

They are equally cute!

Mary @ Parenthood said...

Looks like he's gonna be taller than she is :). I still remember the shock and outrage I felt the day I realized my younger brother was actually going to end up taller. So unfair, and yet it should have been obvious for years before it happened!

Jane said...

Beautiful children!