Monday, October 27, 2008

Ali the Tattletale?

Ali is getting to a really fun age where she will tell me things that happened when I wasn't around.

Now there is no guarantee to the accuracy of these tales, because she is obviously too young to understand lying, and too inexperienced at sentence structure to differentiate between imaginings and actual events.

However, sometimes you've got to wonder where she comes up with stuff if, in fact, it isn't the truth.

For instance.

We were driving today, and I almost missed my turn. So I slowed down rather quickly, and then did a rather sharp turn as well. To make it more fun for Ali, I said, "WHEEEEE!!"

Ali replies enthusiastically, "Pop Races!! Pop RACES!!" POP races!!!"

So Dad, I have to ask - do you tell Ali you're racing while driving around sharp turns? I mean, it's not that I would mind, or be surprised, seeing as you did plenty of that (safely) while I was growing up. But if this isn't something y'all have taught Ali, then she is QUITE perceptive.


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