Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ANOTHER Post About Sleepwalking

This post is another one that just somehow never made it to publishing. I thought I'd go ahead and put it up on B-Sides.

The other night, or more accurately, early morning, I was awakened by the cat meowing. She goes through phases of doing this (especially after we've been gone for a while), and I always try to stop it as soon as possible so that she doesn't wake Ali. When she's feeling REALLY obnoxious, she sits right outside of Ali's door and meows.

So I headed down the hall to try and find her, my eyes not really adjusted to the darkness, but was unable to locate her. She must be downstairs. So I headed back to bed.

I get in bed, and Chris asks me in a sleepy but knowing and suspicious voice, "where have you been?". I immediately realize that he thinks I've been sleepwalking again.

I tell him "The cat was meowing. I went to find her, but apparently she was downstairs". I was very aware that I was awake, and slightly annoyed that he thought that I wasn't. But with my track record, I knew I had no chance of convincing him that I was indeed awake, so I just let it go.

I rolled over, just hoping that the cat would meow again in the split second that it would take him to fall asleep again so that he would believe me, and thank goodness, she came to my defense and meowed. I wasn't sure if he heard it or not.

The next morning, Chris brought it up and said "I thought for sure you were sleepwalking last night. When you told me the cat was meowing, I thought to myself, 'I didn't hear no cat!!', but then the cat meowed again and I realized you were right."


p.s. - Jennifer, regarding your suggestion on my last post about sleepwalking: I'm not so sure that there IS a cure for it, other than giving me some sort of heavy nasty medication, which I'm not too sure is worth it. I usually go through "seasons" of sleepwalking, and even though this season has been obviously more dangerous than ever before, I'm going to stick it out a bit longer and see if it will pass.

I think that the cause of this season is having a fully toddling toddler that I have to be nervous about, just like the last one was having a newborn that I was nervous about. Hopefully when I get "used" to having a toddler who can get into nearly anything, it will pass.

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Gina said...

At least you were vindicated. :) I'm glad you didn't sleepwalk or hurt yourself.