Tuesday, July 27, 2010

18 Weeks.

I was 18 weeks pregnant as of yesterday.

I’ve done a really poor job of getting any photos of my growing belly (because it just feels really cheesy to ask anyone to photograph my abdomen – even my own husband, for some reason), so I finally photographed myself, hence the super-poor picture quality:

I finally started really showing last week, or at least showing to the point that it thankfully resembled a baby bump more than a beer belly.

Total weight gained: 2.8 pounds.

Cravings: They have rightfully been very boyish (which makes Chris very proud of his son): mild buffalo sauce covered meats and bar-be-que, especially bar-be-que stuffed baked potatoes (from Jim N Nick’s or Full Moon BBQ, please). Oh and the new Fruit Roll-Ups actually made of real fruit are FANTASTIC.

Aversions: I still haven’t regained a lot of territory lost in my horrific stage of nausea. I’m finally starting to like Coke again (which is wonderful…and horrible all at once, I suppose), but I still can’t drink hot tea (which was a favorite pre-nausea) or much coffee, so liquids are still sketchy. Also, one of my favorite treats, Doodle’s Peach Sorbet, is still reminiscent of nausea.

(By the way, if you’ve never been to Doodle’s in Cahaba Heights, you haven’t lived.)

Movements: I was able to start feeling Noah moving around at 12 weeks, but the kicks have gotten powerful enough now that Chris was able to very decisively start to feel them last week. Baby kicks (before they are kicking you in the ribs, lungs, and heart) are my favorite part of pregnancy.

Nesting: I’m not, but Chris is. His nesting is partial he-is-excited-to-be-having-a-boy, and partial gotta-get-the-room-done-before-football-season-is-all-consuming. But as part of that, he wanted me to go ahead and decide on bedding so that we could paint the room.

So I did. And I just noticed, It oddly matches this blog background:Galapagos

(by the way, those are TURTLES, not flowers, on the bedding. I was sure to point that out very clearly to Chris when I suggested this one.)

The current thought is to paint the room a light bright blue like in the turtles.

So there you go, I have actually done a full, and thorough, pregnancy update. I couldn’t be prouder of myself.


Jackamo said...

I love the bedding, and I love the wee bump. AND I love you even more! So, so happy to be a part of your life as you take this journey. You and Chris are such amazing parents. Noah is so blessed!

Mbitt said...

I felt the same way about taking pictures of my baby bump. Im sad about it now because I have no images of that time just my memories. Seriously consider allowing someone snap some shots of the pregnancy.The bedding is adorable btw! ♥

Jill said...

You BARELY HAVE A BUMP GIRL! You look precious and the bedding is super cute!

Stephanie said...

SQUEEEEEEEE! I love the bedding! Aw, turtles! And I haven't decided whether to take a picture of the belly yet. Let alone post it online. Maybe i will, but only after applying some makeup!

Stephanie said...

SQUEEEEEEEE! I love the bedding! Aw, turtles! And I haven't decided whether to take a picture of the belly yet. Let alone post it online. Maybe i will, but only after applying some makeup!

Lindsay said...

Love the bedding!

Christen said...

Love the bedding and paint color choice, can't wait to see it all put together!

Caitlin said...

Holy clap, is this really your second baby cuz you're tiny! Cute! I love the kicks too. A trick I used with Ki when he was all up in my ribs (from a genius friend) was to put an ice pack on him and he'd move away. Sooo nice!

This Is The Day said...

Oh my goodness, I think that is the tiniest, cutest little baby bump I've ever seen! Way to go on the 2 pounds!!! That's awesome!

I am already starting to get the baby bug again and that picture isn't helping! You look so cute! I love being pregnant even though I usually feel so crappy. Maybe next time I'll feel great. :)

Oh and I LOVE the turtles!!! SO cute! And yes, I thought they were flowers at first, but then once you said they were turtles I "got" it. :)

Gina said...

yay.:) I like the bedding:) And you still don' look preggers to me.

Leslie said...

I am so jealous. You baby bump is smaller than mine and I am only 12 weeks. I am totally fulfilling the second baby bump quick progression. I guess you found a perk of all of that sickness. :)

Cindy said...

Adorbale bedding!