Tuesday, August 24, 2010

22 Weeks – 5 Months.

22 wks

I'm growing in humongous stretches and bulges. I feel HUGE, and I've hit that stage where my stomach feels like it is constantly stretching. Ali's noticing too - she'll suck in her stomach until it touches her backbone and say, "Mommy, can you do this too so your belly isn't so big???"

Total Weight Gained: 9.4 pounds - eek!! However, I AM thrilled with the fact that my weight gain seems to be mostly in my belly (or...maybe I should just say from the waist up..I guess there ARE other places that have grown also), so I am still able to wear my normal jeans (with a rubber-banded waist, of course). The hope is that if I'm still able to fit my legs into my favorite jeans at 5 months pregnant, maybe it won't take me 5 months to get back into them after Noah is born.

Cravings: Noah's sweet tooth has apparently pushed through his gums. Cheesecake and Gummy Bears are a major food groups right now, and for the first time in...ever, I made brownies completely on the spur of the moment one night last week, which qualified me as Chris' fantasy wife.

Aversions: Sleeping on my side. I still hate it. I bought a wedge pillow (Thanks for the tip, Leslie!!!) so that I'm at least partially propped when sleeping on my back, but what I REALLY want is to be able to sleep in my normal position, on my stomach, again. I've been grumbling at Chris about putting his engineering degree to work to make me a raised full-body pillow with a hole in the middle for my belly to hang down into. If only Tempurpedic would give me a mattress to review for pregnancy sleep health, he could just saw a hole right in it... and keep the hole to replace it after the baby comes, of course.

Movements: Starting last week, he's kicking so hard that it is visible. Which is now going to make you all stare at my belly like the girl at the checkout counter at Five Guys did last week. She COULDN'T LOOK AWAY, and he wasn’t even moving. I have no idea what was so fascinating.

You must check out: The MOST amazing photographical progression of pregnancy ever. It's awesome. The guy that took these spoke at a photography panel I went to at BlogHer, and he showed the pictures up on the screen. As the photo progression ended, you could nearly taste the level of estrogen in the room as it rose to record-breaking heights. The video at the beginning is awesome, but I really love the week-by-week photos below it...so keep scrolling down.

Sneak Peek: Of the nursery in progress (still a lot to do but still PLENTY of time), paint on the walls, furniture put together, and with the bedding:IMG_0412


Mama Hen said...

Amazing, just amazing. You are so tiny for 22 weeks and a second baby.

Love the bedding.

Christen said...

Next time you have a cheesecake craving, let me know, I'd love to indulge with you!

The room and the bedding look great!

Sara said...

Such a cute belly!
I used to nap belly down on my giant bean bag chair. It was just stiff enough to hold the hollowed out belly shape, and just squishy enough to be comfortable.

This Is The Day said...

Cute nursery! I love the bedding...not your typical boy stuff.

You look SO little still! But I totally know what you mean...people would tell me that I was still small and I felt like if I moved wrong my stomach would split open...it just felt like it was stretched to the limit, even early on. I thought my skin would have an easier time stretching out with #2 but it wasn't like that at all. So uncomfortable and I felt HUGE, but everyone kept saying how little I was...so I totally understand how you feel.

Wow, that was a lot of run on sentences. Haha, sorry. Anyway, you look awesome! Keep up the good work!

Oh, and I am JUST now starting to be able to sleep on my stomach again. I thought as soon as S was born I would be able to, but the...other...growing area prevented that. :)

Stephanie said...

22 weeks looks good on you! And I have a massive sweet tooth, too...cheesecake sounds awesome right now, at 7 in the morning...and I love the nursery so far! adorable!

I had also thought about the giant mattress cutout or giant body pillow with a hole in it...We should market!

Jill said...

I gained your 9 pounds too. LOVE the bedding!

Jackamo said...

The nursery is looking awesome! Love the bedding. You look awesome as well. You keep making me think about cheesecake...

Barkley said...

haha! Just looked at this again! I can't wait to see the next one :)

Karen said...

I was at Burlington Coat Factory this past weekend (in FL, of course) and noticed they had your nursery design on clearance...not sure if it'd be the same there, but just giving the heads up!