Monday, August 23, 2010

Bowling Double Date

We went (Free) Bowling again last week again, this time adding a new friend, Ethan. Ethan calls Ali “Girlfriend 1” and AJ “Girlfriend 2”, so he was absolutely thrilled to come along and be surrounded by girlfriends…IMG_0286
The girls, however, were a bit more bored with the game this time around.


They resorted to girlish things, such as using the ball return vent to give them a model-being-photographed windblown look,
And posing on the other side of the ball return as The Little Mermaid.


Not to miss out on the fun, Ethan had to climb up too, but naturally, added a much manlier pose to the activity:
Yes, I’m sure that’s exactly how Mermen sit on rocks.


Jackamo said...

My little stud muffin!

Marty said...

aw, such a bunch of cuties!