Friday, August 20, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Twenty-Nine,

The following conversation took place directly after naptime...

Ali: "I didn't want to talk to you when you put me down for a nap."

Me: "Were you mad?"

Ali: "No, I wasn't mad at you. I was just nervous."
"Here's your marker, Mommy. And this is my marker. Don't take my marker. There is just no need for that."
I looked in the backseat on the way home one day...

"Ali, WHY are you sucking on your toes???"

"Because I'm thirsty!!"
Ali was dancing in the hotel room at the beach, and wanted Chris' Dad to dance with her. But instead of asking him, she found a much more "flattering" way to approach the subject...

"Papa, are you too old to dance?"
I was in the other room, and Ali screamed out in alarm,

"Mommy!! Oreo doesn't look happy!!!"

"Does she look mad?"

"No!! She looks serious!!"

"That's okay, baby. She's a cat."
"Ali, You haven't finished picking those pictures up yet. I told you to pick them all up."

"Mommy, You need to be patient!!"

Ali's been quite obsessed with how long her hair is getting. She's constantly measuring it with her hand to see where "it comes down to". The other day, she informed me quite wistfully,

"I really, really, really really want my hair to grow down to my bum. Then I'd tee tee on it."
I was worried about something, and Ali said, "Mommy! Don't be sad!! You have cheesecake!!"
She ran into the room and proclaimed gleefully, "Yesterday I bringed Happiness to the WORLD!!!!"


Kitty Engle said...

Out of the mouthes of babes. Just be patient Mommy.

Jill said...

I could eat her up!

Rachel said...

Cats are very serious. Glad she knows.

My hair used to be long enough to tee tee on. That's when I got my first hair cut :)

Christen said...

Love the hair comment :)

Giann said...

Too Funny!

Gina said...

Abby went through a phase when she was about Ali's age where everything made her "nervous". Too cute!

Caitlin said...

Funny! I love their clever little minds. :)