Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Wonder of The Hot Dog Truck.

The Hot Dog Truck at the Galleria has held a long-time special place in Ali’s heart. It’s one of those eat-your-money for 30 seconds of moving back and forth rides, but Ali has NEVER wanted the money in it – the one time we did make it do what it was supposed to do, she was scared to death.

But I’m all about free, lasting-longer-that-30-seconds fun, so we typically take a trip to visit The Holy Grail of mall fun when we’re there.

However, I think she and AJ are starting to get a little too big to fit in their favorite playplace…standing up is quite impossible, and swapping sides is like trying to pass someone in an airplane aisle:


So I decided to take a photographic trip back to smaller times…

August 2008, giving Daddy a Hot Dog:


November and December of 2008 afforded many visits, probably because of Christmas shopping:


HDT 1108

Yes, Ali and AJ fit in it oh-so-much better in 2008,
HDT 1208
than 2010:

In 2009, we introduced Luke to The Hot Dog Truck, and I’m pretty sure it became a standard favorite activity for their family after that, also:
HDT 0409

But no matter how overly-big they are for the Hot Dog Truck and it’s surrounding friends,



They still absolutely adore it.


Mama Hen said...

What cute pics! She is growing so fast! James likes the space ship that is there. He also doesn't know it is supposed to move and I am fine with him thinking that!

Stephanie said...

I miss being little enough to ride the dime rides outside the grocery stores...they don't have those anymore, huh?

Kitty Engle said...

All the pictures are so precious. They are such happy children. And the time you spend with them is great.

This Is The Day said...

Oh my goodness, we have that exact same hotdog truck at our mall! And K LOVES it b/c she says that Webby (our weiner dog) in on the top. She always asks if we can go to "Webby's truck". So funny.

Loved the old pics. Ali and AJ are just adorable together!