Thursday, January 22, 2009

Adventures in the Bible

I tried something a couple of weeks ago with Ali, and it was one of those moments where you are shocked by the immediate success of your idea. You know the type?

I decided to start taking her to my bed for reading time rather than sitting in the chair in her room. She loved it from the very beginning. It lengthened our reading time, and she became much more interactive.

So along with me reading to her, she has decided that she likes to read some as well. She especially likes to read her bible.

We have been all the way through her children's bible only three times. But amazingly enough, she has memorized the basic story idea that goes along with a bunch of the pictures.

She knows who characters are across stories - for example, she can recognize Peter in any picture that he is in.

She will turn to a picture and say "Angel helping Peter", or "David and Jonathan", or "John baptizing Jesus", or "Pouring water into wine".

She also has started trying to use her biblical knowledge in every day life. I heard her muttering while we were at the mall the other day, so I walked up closer to her to hear what she was saying. She was repeating over and over, "Ali baptizing Mommy. Ali baptizing Mommy."

However, my all-time favorite Ali-commentary is on the picture of the baby that the two women were fighting over and Solomon suggested cutting the baby in half to determine his real mother. (Remember, I told you that this bible has no concept of softening the stories to prevent nightmares).

Anyway, Ali luckily doesn't grasp the concept of the story, but what she does see is a baby crying.

So the first thing she does is try to give the baby her paci (she only gets her paci for bedtime and naptime, but I let her keep it during storytime).

However, the baby is still crying after receiving the paci, so she turns to me and tells me, "Mommy, baby crying. Give baby Tylenol!!".


Kelly said...

Too Cute!


Anonymous said...

that is cute!! My Grcaie is 4 and she loves to get in my bed at night to read....many times i will sit and do my devotional while she sits and looks through her books but he has become very interested at me reading my Bible. She has mnay kids bible books and 3 actual Bibles. She was with me the other night and she saw me reading my Bible...she immediately found her red Bible and handed it to me and said "Mommy please read me the Bible"...i asked her to go get her Bible book but no she wanted to read out of the i started in Luke and read about 5 chapters to her..she sat and listened to every word...its amazing what can capture their attention and its a blesing that they want to have the Bible read to them!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this one!!!!! LYB, k

Gina said...

That last line was pretty funny. :) :)