Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random conversations with a Two Year Old.

Ali has really started to tell me to "Be Careful" appropriately. She definitely gets her cautiousness from her Daddy.

Two recent examples:

I was coming up to a stop sign and checking my phone for something. Ali noticed that I was looking at my phone and not the road, and she said, "Mommy, be CAREFUL!!".

A couple of days later, I changed lanes just in time for someone to slam on their brakes in front of me. So I did the same. Ali's response? "WHOOOOOOAAA!!! Be careful, Mommy!!!"

We went to the mall today, and I saw a Spongebob stuffed animal(?). Anyway, I was going to illustrate to Chris our daughter's knowledge of pop culture, in spite of the fact that she has never seen a Spongebob cartoon.

I picked Spongebob up and said, "Ali, who is this?".

She thought for a minute, then responded, "It's Tinkerbell!!!"

So much for that idea. I told her who it was and we kept walking. A few minutes later and a long way away, as if she just had a huge realization, she said, "It's not Tinkerbell!!! It's PONGEBOB!!!!"

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B said...

Oh my gosh! That is so cute! I can't wait for that stage! Please tell Ali Happy belated Birthday and (so as not to be inconsistent) her gift will be a few days late!