Thursday, January 1, 2009

Recent Random Ali Stories

When Ali woke up from her nap on Saturday, Chris had on a football game. She sleepily got up on the couch, observed what was on, and said, "How about football?", in a very conversational voice.

Sunday, Chris turned on football, and I said to Ali, "How about football?", and she said, "Just like yesterday!!".

I had no idea that she understood the concept of "Yesterday"!

On Monday, we were coming out of Barnes and Noble at the Summit. They are constructing Phase 541 across the street, and there was a loud noise coming from over there. That kind of noise when you're screwing something in with an electric screwdriver and it catches and makes that grinding noise?

Ali looked at me reproachfully and teasingly and said, "Mommy NO NO TOOTS!!". Then she informed me, "Ali toots. Daddy toots. Mommy no no toots!!!"


Gina said...

That's funny. :) I hope lots of people heard it. hahahaha. :) :)

Kelly said...

Too Cute!

Jennifer said...

Wow! The yesterday comment is pretty impressive. David still gets a bit confused about yesterday. Since he doesn't take naps everyday anymore, when he does he thinks that anything that happened before his nap was yesterday, and anything that is supposed to happen after his nap is tomorrow. I use a calendar to try and help him understand.