Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Ramblings about my Toddler

I am LOVING this new phase of having a full-sentence-able two year old. It makes for interesting conversation, but, more so, a good look inside her head.

Granted, she still says "your" instead of "my" and "you" instead of "me", but the thing is, I'm so used to it, I don't even notice. I'm bilingual when it comes to pronoun use. You better watch out, or You will start getting your own pronouns mixed up.


She's really working on the "yesterday" concept. I thought she had it at first, but upon further use of the word, she has begun using it for pretty much. . .everything. We walked out of the grocery store this afternoon, and she said "Ali ran fast in the store yesterday!!".

However, there does seem to be one aspect of life that helps her differentiate the days.

Sock color.

Every morning when I put new socks on her, I can see the wheels turning in her mind. After a thoughtful pause, I usually get this sort of commentary from her:

"White socks today. Wore Purple socks yesterday."

This is really the only for sure breakthrough on days yet, so I try and make a conscious effort to put a different colored pair of socks on her every day.

Or maybe I do that because she amuses me with her explanation of sock color.

But anyway.

Her verbosity has also been able to show that she has an amazing memory. This has been cool, because up until the last few weeks, I really didn't think she remembered stuff as well as some of her friends.

Last week, though, she really surprised me. I told her that we were having lunch with Crystal, a girl who used to work with me. We haven't seen Crystal in about 4 or 5 months, so I wasn't sure if Ali would remember her. However, as soon as I told her who we were eating lunch with, she said, "Eat lunch with Crystal at Firehouse!!".

I thought about the meaning of this for a minute, and then remembered that the last time we had eaten with Crystal 4 or 5 months ago was at Firehouse Subs.


At breakfast today, we were out of regular paper plates, so I got her a Thomas paper plate left over from her birthday party. She had already put in her breakfast order (she had the choice between pancakes or waffles - "pancakes!!"), but as soon as I got the plate out, she said, "Eat Pizza on it!!".

Again, I was confused. She's never asked for PIZZA before. It's not really one of her favorites. Then I remembered - we ate Pizza at her Birthday, on those plates.

I guess that wasn't very nice of me to serve Pizza at her birthday when it wasn't her favorite.

And speaking of Thomas, I think that she showed that she has been watching a bit too much lately. Or at least it effects her quite a bit. She was underfoot while I was trying to wash the dishes, and I accidentally ran into her. She whined for a minute, then said in a very British Accent, "Mommy bumped ya buffas!!!"

And don't ask me what a buffer is. It's whatever they bump when they bump each other on Thomas. That's all I know.

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Jennifer said...

The Thomas thing is hilarious! And let me explain the buffers, because I am so wise in the ways of Thomas. :) Buffers are to trains what bumpers are to cars, with the exception that the buffers have 2 round knob-like protusions on them to give an added level of protection from troublesome trucks or runaway engines. It took me a while to figure out exactly what they are, too.