Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Nineteen

In one of those typical moments where Ali needs to go to the bathroom as soon as the car starts moving, she was trying to convince me that it was urgent.

She begged, "It's saying, 'I want to go tee tee!! Let me tee tee!!' - That's what my bum is saying."
She put on her crown and said, "All the people who have crowns on - they come from Alabama."
I was getting her juice ready in the kitchen, and she walked up to me and said, "Do you have a little poo poo on your finger, Mommy?"

I jerked my finger up to see what she was talking about, and immediately realized she was saying "boo boo", not "poo poo". THAT was a relieving moment.
She has gotten the words "crumbled" and "cramped" mixed up, and it took me forever to figure that out. She is constantly telling me, "My knees crumbled in the night. That's why I was crying."

The other day, we went to Yogurt Mountain, and when we pulled up, she remembered a past trip: "Last time we came here was with Kitty. And I got a crumb in my leg."

I thought, and all of a sudden remembered that she'd gotten a Charley Horse type cramp and had screamed in YoMo.

"OOOOH, you mean CRAMP?"

"Yes, I got a cramp in my leg."

It all makes so much more sense when you can decode them.
Also on that Yogurt Mountain trip, she started gagging (seemingly on purpose) while holding her hand in front of her mouth. She gagged up a blue Fruit Loop, studiously said, "oh - blue", then put it back in her mouth and ate it.
We were on our way to Church a couple of weeks ago and Ali pointed to the SUV in front of us and said, "Is that a Lexus?"

"Yes, baby, it is."

Chris was surprised, and she explained, "That's because Lexuses have circle lights."

We're going to be in trouble when she turns 16.
Her current crush, Ethan, gave her a school picture. She was holding it one day and asked me, "Can I sleep with this picture of Ethan?"
In a random conversation starter, Ali said, "Pop is happy all the time."

"He is? Who told you that? Pop or Gramamma?"

"I just tell myself that."


Mama Hen said...

love the blue fruit loop story. Now that's a three year old for you!

This Is The Day said...

I love toddlers. They definitely keep you laughing! It's a good thing too...it makes up for the times they make you want to scream. Hahaha :)

Marie said...

She is just too too cute!

Jennifer said...

The fruit loop story made me laugh out loud. Still is, actually. That is TOO funny!