Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Orphaned Photos of the Week, Part Nine.

The day of Ali’s friend E’s birthday party was actually the first time we’d seen the sun in a bazillion years. Ali and AJ were thrilled to get to swing, and I was amazed at how much more comfortable Ali was on a “big girl swing” from last year:


They also played on the trampoline, which gave AJ QUITE the hairdo:


Speaking of Trampolines, we had the pleasure of getting to introduce Woods to the concept of trampolining during their visit to our house. He was a fan, for sure:IMG_7853

Notsomuch a fan of Ali’s mask from E’s Birthday Party, though…IMG_7860

We also took Woods to The McWane Center, where Ali was an eager tour guide:IMG_7861

She explained the intricacies of the water table,


And Woods’ Mama tried to explain the enjoyment that one gets from dressing up, although I don’t think he was convinced.


He was, however, all about some construction work.


Woods also got to experience his first Target buggy, as they are not so privileged to have Super Targets in Charleston (something so grievous that it might make his Momma move back here).IMG_7896

Last week, we had a get together back at E’s house again. I think Ali was a bit concerned about AJ moving in on her man during their Wii game…


After all, she’s pretty transparent about her feelings for him:

IMG_8025(In her defense, the day she chose that as her mood, she said “I’m love struck today because I love you, Mommy.” I think it might have been a cover story, though.)

Back to E’s house. The babies made a great cheering crowd for all of the Wii play, as long as they had all of the Concession-Stand-Formula that they wanted:IMG_7973

At lunch, Christen practiced what it would be like to be Mrs. Duggar, except with half the number of kids:IMG_7975

But all it took was half to make her realize that she was not going to be the next Mrs Duggar:


Ali had her second hair cut last week. She was so excited about wearing a T-Shirt again that she begged me to let her keep it:IMG_8014
She also enjoyed getting her hair washed by Miss Shannon again. There are definitely narcotic elements in their shampoo:IMG_8010

And, finally, I’ve been doing a lot of bed changing this week, due to one sort of accident or another. I took this picture so that one day when Ali complains about my style of mothering, I can remind her of all of the work I went through for her.

…And because I was totally stunned that enough pee could come out of my child’s body to soak THIS MANY different items.IMG_8017

Motherhood. It’s a Dirty Job. Mike Rowe, where are you?


Christen said...

I so agree that there is something narcotic in Hair Reflection's shampoo! I absolutely love to get my hair washed there & have almost fallen asleep in the chair on more than one occasion!
Ryan happened to have a half full bottle of their shampoo probably from when he was in college (10+ years ago), but it still has that wonderful peppermint smell and I'm trying my best to ration it so it will last as long as possible!

Jackamo said...

Loved this post. So fun! I always enjoy it when my kiddos get a shout out.

So...Hair Reflections, hunh? Is that at the Summit? Am I missing out? Is it outrageously expensive? Etc, etc, etc.

Marie said...

Fun post. My favorite picture was dressed up Woods. I think "dress up" is kind of a girl thing...

This Is The Day said...

I laughed out loud of the picture of Ali eyeing AJ movin' in on her man. Too funny!

Abbie the Basket Hound and Humans said...

Precious memories from a precious little gift from God. Savor the days. I do with my two girls.