Monday, March 15, 2010

It's the Yittle Fings, Part Twenty

She announced decisively the other day, "I just like to live with Daddy. I don't like to live with Mommy."
I made her go to the bathroom before we left the house, and she said, surprised, "You were RIGHT! I DID have to go tee-tee!! You're so smart!!!"
She got some Purell the other night, and ran out into the hallway to show Chris.

Ali: "Look Daddy!! I have hand cleaner!!" (she then dropped some without realizing it)

Chris: "Oh - a wad fell on the floor. I'll clean it up."

Ali, running back to me: "A wad fell on the floor. Daddy's going to clean it up."


Ali: "Did the wad come out of my nose?"

Chris and I played "Horse" with Ali for the first time last week. She named us. My horse name was "Tanks", and Chris' was "Foot". She said that I was the better horse.

However, my back has been hurting on and off ever since. I'm obviously no tank.
Chris and Ali play football every night before bed. The other night, Chris said "Five more throws, then it's bedtime." Ali argued and bargained, "No! Three more throws!"
We were on our way to Church, and Ali was pointing out cars and asking what they were.

I asked her, "What kind of car do you want when you grow up?"

Ali: "A purple car."

Me: "What KIND of purple car?"

Ali: "A purple Honda Pilot. Like you. With Princess Ornaments. And I might want a baby in the back seat and a flower in it too."
We were reading a book, and there was a picture of an angel in it. Ali told me very informatively, "We don't eat angels."
Ali's favorite color has been consistently pink for a very long time. However, in the past week, she's started changing it up. She told me a couple of days ago,

"My favorite color is pink and red and orange and gray and purple and blue and yellow and black and white and spots and stripes and splats."
She's been saying a lot of things backwards lately.

"Get my face out of my hair!"

"I'm sick because I'm not going to Church."
She found a tape measure. She held it up to me and informed Chris, "I'm measuring Mommy's tummy."

Chris: "How big is it?"

Ali: "It's thirteen miles ago."
Since Ali had the flu, she's been struggling on the potty training thing, something I thought we had completed - but only during naptimes. It's been frustrating, because I've been continuously changing her sheets and washing them. The other day, I came into her room, and before I discovered some very nasty mess in her bed, she quickly told me, "I thanked God to help me not poo poo on my princess panties."


Christen said...

Love the new header & blog design!
I would LOVE to see a purple princess Honda Pilot! :)
Hope Ali's prayers are answered & she doesn't go "poo poo in her princess panties" anymore!

Mama Hen said...

Who knew you were so smart to know when she needed to go potty?

Marie said...

B sides definitely loaded faster in it's new format.

Ali is just too too cute!

Sorry about the continued potty issues. Us too....

This Is The Day said...

Haha, I love those. The wad one was hilarious. :) You are brave to already tackle sleep-time potty training. We still have the pull-ups for naptime and bedtime.

Gina said...

The last thing is the funniest. She really wanted to keep those princess panties clean. I feel for you having to clean that mess up.

Anonymous said...
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