Sunday, March 28, 2010

It’s The Yittle Fings, Part Twenty-Two.

It was time for bedtime prayers.

Ali: “I want to thank Jesus for my bed and my blanket and my pillow and my friends in the bed and my friends in the baskets and my chair and my railing and my headboard.'”

Chris: “Okay, baby. Say Thank you Jesus, then name all those things.”

Ali: “Thank you Jesus for all my stuff. I’m done.”

I asked Ali the other day, “Is it more important to be Beautiful or Kind?”

She immediately responded, “Kind!!”

I was quite happy with my wonderful job of teaching morals to my daughter. “Great! That’s right! Is it more important to be Fancy or to be Wise?”

“To be FANCY!!!”

Oh well. I did the best I could.

However, this conversation thread started a whole new game for her. For the rest of the day, she went around asking puzzling questions such as:

“Is it more important to have lips or hands?”

“Is it more important to read the Bible or be wise?”

“Is it more important to be Snow White or to be Ariel?”

Me: “Do you want to go to work before we go to Gramamma’s?”

Ali: “No.”

Me: “You don’t want to go see Gina and David and get Skittles from David?”

Ali: “I already have some PEZ.”

The morning before I left her at Gramamma’s so that Chris and I could go off for the weekend, I asked, “Will you miss us while we’re in Tennessee?”

Ali: “When you go away, Jesus will come back.”

Me: “He will?”

Ali: “Yes. He’s been to my house before. He’s sitting over there – on that couch.”

Ali: "Mommies say yes and no but Alis just say yes.”

Me: “Well, you can tell me no if I ask you a question, like if I say, ‘do you like coffee?’ You just can’t tell me no if I tell you to do something.”


Me: “Let’s practice. Do you like coffee?”

Ali: “I really like Juice better…”

Me: “Well, okay. That works too….”

Ali: “Hey Mommy, what’s that long, skinny country?”

Me: “That’s Chile.”

Ali: “We ate there…we ate at Chili’s.”

One day the washing machine was being especially loud in a rhythmic manner. Ali informed me, “The washing machine is counting to one hundred.”
Ali was playing with her Cinderella and a Prince when she had a startling realization.

“That’s not Cinderella’s Prince!! That’s somebody else’s Prince.”

Me: “Whose prince is it?”

Ali: “It’s Prince Phillip. It’s Sleeping Beauty’s Prince. She won’t be mad.”


Giann said...

That is so cute!! about the washing machine......I think that too....weird!

Christen said...

That's so funny that Ali found a way to not say "no", very smart!

This Is The Day said...

Haha, love that about Chili's. Association is hilarious in toddlers. :) And I'm not sure about Sleeping Beauty. I think she WILL be mad if Cinderella steals her prince. :)