Friday, March 26, 2010

Mommy’s T-Shirt Makes Everything Better.

As I referenced in my post yesterday, we spent part of the evening Wednesday night on the trampoline. Ali is into wearing my T-Shirts right now, and I happen to find it pretty adorable, so I willingly oblige. And with it, of course, she could jump higher, run faster, and smile bigger:





She still let us have turns, too, of course. And, since she was getting photographed, she wanted to pay the same tribute to us. So, here is how Ali sees Chris and I:

Me: Very Fuzzy and apparently always in mid-conversation.IMG_8250
Chris: A Bright and Shining corner of her life.IMG_8263

I tried to take a picture of the sky above us, and Ali happened to run by at that exact moment, so the picture actually ended up being the sky above us, plus a bit of her crazy trampoline hair:IMG_8261
And really, I think I like that one better than the “Just the Sky” picture.IMG_8265

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Christen said...

Ali does look really cute in your t-shirt! What got her interested in wearing your shirts?