Tuesday, June 8, 2010


If Ali wakes up before I finish my Bible Study in the mornings, I usually give her her bible and let her look at it in bed. But yesterday morning her bible was downstairs, so instead, I told her she could play in her room. I heard a lot of banging and drawer openings.

At one point, I warily called out, “Ali, are you okay??”

“Yes, Mommy!!”

When I finished, I went in to discover that she very thoroughly found every piece of jewelry in her room and put it all on, rapper-style..

And had even suffocated a bunny in a jewelry sachet to prove her baddness.


Mental Note: Make sure her bible is upstairs tomorrow.


Mama Hen said...

Maybe she was making up a rap praise song for her quiet time.

Kitty Engle said...

Check out the stance.

Christen said...

I love Mama Hen's comment...I think I'll go with the "she's making up a rap praise song" idea too!

By the way, I love Ali's pj's!

This Is The Day said...

LOL! Love it! That's pretty "bad". :)